Latest iTunes buy: Chromeo (DJ-Kicks Remix)

Having filled my CD quota for the week, Chromeo (DJ-Kicks Remix) took my download fancy and dear me is it good. I’ve been a fan of Chromeo’s offbeat, humorous text and melodies for a long time and this new album cements that fact. Deep bass, throbbing melodies, and a throw back to the 70’s, DJ-Kicks Remix really is ‘that album’ which makes other electronic records turn their faces down for not having offered fans enough ‘fun’. Don’t be scared by an abundance of French text, the album rocks from bottom to top with a few good ol’ hits and some new bad boys. There is a hitch with the iTunes release: the remixes is only 12 of 18 retail tracks. If you want the entire thing, head to HMV. The best part? The album clocks in at 7.99$, a great price for a lot ‘o groovin’!

Chromeo are a Montreal-based electrofunk duo whose inadvertent sensual text and beats are a hot laugh. The two have also been mates for years and in their own words: “the only successful Arab/Jewish partnership since the dawn of human culture.”

Chromeo - Chromeo (DJ-Kicks Remix) Chromeo, Chromeo (DJ-Kicks Remix), $7.99

If you are a fan of Chromeo, their yearling albums:

Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (Deluxe Edition) Chromeo, Fancy Footwork (Deluxe Edition), $9.99

Chromeo - She's In Control Chromeo, She’s in Control, $9.99

are smashing albums which replace the 70’s for the 80’s and a lot of funk. In numerous headphone reviews, I drift in and out of Chromeo’s tight beats.

Apple Pre-empts Palm with iTunes update (part 12)


Nothing to see here: Apple’s newly released iTunes 9.0.2 update handily ousts the Pre back to Palm. Time and time again, Palm have gained backdoor access via hotwired USB routes to iTunes, tricking Apple’s media software into syncing the Pre as an iPod. And time and time again, their efforts have been stymied by a protective (and fully within-its-rights) Apple.

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Google Audio – iLike and Lala to nono iTunes


While iTunes has done a lot to help stimulate legal music downloads in a market which has wavered between open piracy and privacy rights, it is only one of many similar services. The store now boasts a full library of decent quality AAC music encoded at 256 kilobits per second — a number which should please most cardinal-craving audiophiles –, a decent feature list, and an expanding market. But, opportunities exist across the globe for competitors to capitalise on Apple’s omissions; namely, encoding quality, features, price, and last but not least: community music services. Google are working on a service of their own which may take advantage of Apple’s ignorance of community music scenes such as LastFM, and now, the MySpace acquisition: iLike.

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Sigh… Another iTunes wannabe

rollDevice You know, some companies are really starting to tire me. Remember the classic 1984 Apple commercial where the athletic blonde destroyed Big Brother? Well, if some you don’t (like me, since I was only BORN in 1984) then take a look below. This was the prolific ad, that debuted the Macintosh computer into our world and forever changed our lives (well, at least some of our lives).

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Apple, other Music eTailers to be charged for advertising

Give in and this logo too, technically will be illegal

Don’t whistle, don’t sing along with friends. By all means, forget friday night karaoke if you want to avoid tariffs from the record indu$try. The ASCAP (pronounced “ass cap” – American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) and BMI, are looking for a little more action from everyone, even those like Apple, who advertise their music. I’ll admit it – I purchase iTunes content about once per month and rent a movie nearly every week from Apple. More than anything else, song previews help me suss out the albums I want and are free advertising for musicians and record labels. What better way to sell content? Ass cap, it would seem, don’t subscribe to that logic and want to charge Apple for the previews which in turn, will show up in price increases per song and album, effectively killing legit online purchases for many people.

[via CNET]

First iTunes-Powered Ballistic Missiles spotted in Apple’s TOS – Steve Says ‘Up Yours’ to Militant iPod Users

news-itunes-tos-gizmodoThese days, Apple are demanding a lot from their users. Even back in their Golden Years, they demanded that mac users learn how to use a mouse, which quickly evolved into easy-to-use computering and later, forced adoption of the fast, well volted firewire. Recently, we have had to say goodbye to firewire, usable usb ports, removeable batteries and lastly, impunity to create weapons from our DRM-free songs in the iTunes Store.

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