iTunes $50 eGift Card for $40 at


Walmart is now selling $50 Apple iTunes eGift Cards for only $40. Once purchased, the electronic code will be delivered right into your inbox (according to Walmart, within minutes in most cases). These codes can then be redeemed on iTunes for music, movies, TV shows, audiobooks, and of course apps and games. That’s an extra $10 to buy currently discounted games from EA Mobile and Telltale, all of which are on sale for a dollar. As for international users who have US iTunes accounts, this offer may not apply to you as these retailers now require that you have a US based credit card or Paypal account. Head over to Walmart to take advantage of this 20% off deal.

Gifting Apps returns to iOS 6

Just in time for the holidays, you can now start gifting apps right from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. This feature was available in iOS 5, but for one reason or another, Apple elected to leave it out when iOS 6 first launched. Now that it’s back, simply head to an app page in the App Store app, tap on the “action” icon located at the top right corner and select “Gift”. From there, enter the email of the person you’re sending the app to, leave an optional message (200 characters) and choose when you want the gift sent (today or a specific date up to 90 days in advance). This is especially handy when scheduling app gifting for someone’s birthday or other special occasions.

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iTunes Gift Cards now available via Facebook

Gifting iTunes Gift Cards to your family and friends has just gotten a whole lot easier, thanks to the added ability to send them as digital cards right from Facebook. So if you see that it’s your FB friend’s birthday (or any other occasion), simply head over to their page and click on the “Gift” icon. Once the iTunes option has been selected, you can purchase them in denominations of $10/$15/$25/$50 and pay with your credit card. You can even recommend albums, movies, games, apps, and more to go along with the e-card. Can’t find the Gift button on your friend’s page (located above box area where you post on someone’s wall)? Unfortuntely, the gifting feature is currently only available in the US.

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Today only: Save 20% on iTunes Gift Cards (redeem code) at

The 20% savings on Apple iTunes gift codes (US App Store) are back courtesy of’s Deal of the Day promo. For those not familiar, they’re iTunes gift cards in digital form. Once purchased, a redeem code will be sent your way shortly after via email, though the catch now after the recent changes is that you must own a US credit card or Paypal account to make the purchase. The codes can be used to buy music, movies, TV shows, audiobooks and of course, apps on iTunes and the App Store. The gift codes start at $15 (now $12) and go all the way up to $100 (now $80). The deal ends at midnight EST tonight, so head on over to the landing page here to take advantage of the savings.

Save 20% on iTunes Gift Cards (redeem code) at Bestbuy today [Expired]

As part of’s Deal of the Day, you can now save 20% on Apple iTunes Codes. They’re essentially gift cards, but in digital form. Once purchased, a redeem code will be sent your way via email, where you can use it to buy music, movies, tv shows, audiobooks and games on iTunes. This also means that international iOS users with a US iTunes account can also take advantage of this offer. The “cards” start at $15 (now $12) and go all the way up to $100 (now $80). The deal is set to end by midnight tonight, so if you want to pick up some $0.99 games from Gameloft and this recent roundup, better not procrastinate. You can visit the 20% off landing page here.

Update: It doesn’t look like this deal will work for those without a US credit card. It seems international credit cards can be used to purchase other Bestbuy items, but not iTunes gift cards/codes.

Save 15% on iTunes gift cards from

Thinking of picking up some iTunes gift cards for the recent EA Mobile, Gameloft and Sega iOS sales (or maybe just some new App Store Games)? If so, you may want to pick some up via, where all iTunes GCs — be it physical cards or digital delivery — are currently 15% off. So $25 cards are now $21.25, $50 for $42.50 and so forth. This promo is especially beneficial for those international iDevice owners who use their US iTunes accounts extensively. A redeem code is sent via email for any “Digital Delivery” purchases made, so you don’t have to worry about a shipping address if you reside outside the US. Not to mention that your code will be delivered straight to your inbox shortly thereafter in either case. Head over to the iTunes gift card section at and take advantage of this offer, which will end on Feb 18th.

TMA’s “SteveNaka’s” 100th Review Contest! (Win 1 of 3 $10 iTunes Gift Cards + Promo Codes) – Closed

To state the obvious, my latest post (for the app-development tool DAPP) was officially my 100th review here for TouchMyApps.  As such, I decided that I’m gonna have a damn party. Now I know that I’m not the first to hit that milestone and of course I won’t be the last but that isn’t gonna stop me from having a little fun.

So to start things off, I thought I would answer a question. As I’ve been pushing out reviews, one of the questions that I get asked most was “what are your favorites?”. Well I decided to finally answer that. Having said that, here are my 10 current favorite apps/games out of the last 100 I’ve reviewed.

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Contest Alert: 1 Billion App Countdown

apple-1billion-contestYeah, Apple have been raking in the dosh with the App Store. To celebrate their newly built greenhouse, they are holding a One Billion App Countdown Contest. You stand to win a lot though, likely, the odds are rather unfavourable. All you have to do is buy an app or fill out a form until the One Billion Countdown is over.

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