ITG xpPhone – when Windows mobile just ain’t enough

Let’s keep this short: there is no reason for a virus, trojan, phishing-friendly OS should be on a mobile phone whose primary application is telephony and internet communications. But for those who want to run their phones like their computers; for those who love Norton, Mcafee, et al., there is a phone for you. Perhaps it is just that in the face of overwhelming expectation for Apple’s iSlate – which may be unveiled at Apple’s “Come see our latest creation” media even on the 27 January – this barely-pocketable phone which is hamstrung by an ageing OS gets to see the light of news and rumours sites. Oooops…

Anyway, the ITG xpPhone can be configued much like a Windows PC with all sorts of stuff you don’t need from 400$. G’luck.

[via MobileCrunch]