iTête à iTête – Interview with Mark DeForest from Cyan Worlds – Immersing you even more by letting you touch the game

If you were in any way connected or even remotely familiar with the video gaming industry in the 90’s, you couldn’t have missed Myst (TMA Review). This bestselling game of all time (at least until the dreaded ‘The Sims’ came along in 2002) has seen a superb re-release on the iOS about a year and a half ago and nabbed a special mention in our The App Store’s Best Adventure. And with the recent release of the Riven: The Sequel to Myst (TMA Review) I personally couldn’t pass up the unique opportunity to interview one of the leading minds behind the scenes – Mark DeForest, the CTO of Cyan Worlds.

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iTête à iTête – Interview with Charlie McHenry from Trilobyte Games – Like a phoenix, rising again from the flames of the AppStore

The App Store model has certainly revolutionized software development as a whole and games development in particular. Thanks to the extremely low entry cost and a centralized distribution system, it has become a launch pad for many new indie developers both successful and not so much. But that isn’t much of a surprise to anyone remotely familiar with the market. What’s more interesting is that this new platform actually allowed some veteran companies many thought long gone to get back together as well.

And of such phoenixes, born again from the flames of App Store, is Trilobyte Games – the company behind the legendary PC adventure – The 7th Guest (TMA Review), recently re-released for the iOS. Today I’m joined by Charlie McHenry, the current COO of Trilobyte, to talk about their resurrection, work on The 7th Guest, future plans, and more.

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iTête à iTête – Interview with Guillaume & Romain from DotEmu – Bringing back the classics to the AppStore

In this bustling world of the triumph of modern technology, a recent trend has been a rapidly rising demand for nostalgia gaming. It isn’t that much of surprise if you come to think of it. After all, people who grew up on the classic games of 80’s and 90’s are now in the position of making decisions and spending money… Sometimes, a LOT of money… And this in turn gave rise to a new breed of companies, focusing their efforts on bringing the classic games to modern platforms. One of the more prominent players in this market has been DotEmu, known for porting titles for almost every platform imaginable, from modern PCs and Browsers to Smartphones of all breeds. And more recently – the iOS family of devices.

Joining me today are the co-founder and CTO of DotEmu – Romain Tisserand and his Head of iPhone applications – Guillaume Siorak. The topic at hand: the recent release of the cult classic – Gobliiins (TMA Review), along with more general talk of the iDevice world.

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iTête à iTête – A mini interview with Mark Darin from Telltale Games

Adventure games are my passion, as many of you may have guessed a long time ago. And when I heard that Telltale Games, the company responsible for such great iPad titles as Sam & Max Episode 1: The Penal Zone for iPad and Wallace & Gromit The Last Resort for iPad, are developing a completely original series in Puzzle Agent, I was thrilled. Thankfully, after a bit of back-and-forth with the developers, I was able to secure a mini interview with Mark Darin – the mastermind behind the new project.

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iTête à iTête – Interview with Frédéric Aloé from Coladia – We need to do a more casual game on the iPhone

Quite a few high-profile titles have been brought to the iPhone in the last several months. And one such release came almost out of the blue from a company, previously only a player on Mac OS market. I’m talking, of course, about Secret of the Lost Cavern from Coladia – an adaptation of the excellent ECHO: Secrets of the Lost Cavern PC adventure by Kheops Studio. It got a Grab-it rating from me and earned a well deserved spot in our The App Store’s Best Adventure Games. And joining me today is Frédéric Aloé – the founder and CEO of Coladia to talk about the iPhone, iPad and their plans for bringing new and exciting games to the iDevice platform.

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iTête à iTête – Interview with Arto & Peter from Dicework Games – Rimelands: Hammer Of Thor was actually the game we originally wanted to do.

Despite there being over 150 000 apps on the AppStore, many of which are games, quality RPGs are few and far between. And even fewer of them don’t go the Japanimation console style RPG route. Frankly, only three come to my mind – our own shigzeo’s favourite The Quest with its many addons, the excellent old-school Undercroft (TMA Review) and, of course, the much hyped Diablo-clone Dungeon Hunter (TMA Review). And don’t even get me started on Ravensword: The Fallen King (TMA Review). But they should beware, because it seems a new contender to the RPG throne is in the works. I’m talking about the game that came to my attention recentlyRimelands: Hammer Of Thor. Intrigued, I immediately contacted the developers of this ambitious project and secured an interview to learn more details.

Dicework Games is a small company located in the city of Tampere in Finland and consists of the CEO and lead designer Arto Koistinen and the talented graphics artist Peter  Finnberg. Having been laid off during company negotiations just 1.5 years after THQ Wireless’s acquisition of Universomo, they decided it was to go solo and started their own company. Their first game was the critically acclaimed Diceworks which was a test of both their skill as well as how well they could do at the AppStore. And now they are steadily finishing up the project they originally conceived when their company formed – a classic Rogue-style RPG game titled Rimelands: Hammer Of Thor. And today I have both of them on the line to talk about it!

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iTête à iTête – Interview with ZodTTD – I found my love for porting software and learning about console emulation

For quite some time now I have been running the iTête à iTête column, doing interviews with a variety of prominent iPhone figures but one area has yet stayed untapped. I’m talking about the Jailbreaking community which, according to some reports, constitutes up to 10% of the overall iDevice users. To repent for such a huge sin I have gone hunting and bagged me an interview with ZodTTD – one of the most famous developer of Cydia and Rock apps for the Jailbroken iPhones – best known for his line of emulators, including two emulators for the iPhone: N64 and PSone.

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iTête à iTête – Interview with Charles Cecil of Revolution Software – Fact is stranger than fiction.

Revolution Software is one of the titans of adventure gaming. The creators of the legendary Broken Sword series have recently blessed the iPhone with its two greatest adventure games to date – Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered (BaSSR) and Broken Sword: Director’s Cut (BSDC). I have been lucky enough to secure an interview with Charles Cecil – the founder of Revolution Software and the director of the games that made the adventure Hall of Fame.

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iTête à iTête – Interview with Parrot’s Michael Pastor – AR.Drone – future of augmented reality gaming

Hey there folks! I know it’s been a while since my last interview. The holiday rush caught up not only to me, but to my prospective victims as well. But holidays have come and gone, the dust has settled and we have quite lineup of interviews for the coming weeks. If you’re interested in learning the ins and outs of development of your favourite apps, games and accessories – make sure to stay tuned to and subscribe to our RSS feed.

The iDevice controlled, quad-propeller Parrot AR.Drone helicopter debuted at this year’s CES. And we got some mouth time with the kind folks behind this dream toy! Joining me today is Michael Pastor – the Marketing coordinator for the AR.Drone project.

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iTête à iTête – Interview with Vincenzo and Valentina of 7th Sense Studios – The scary side of iPhone gaming

The “Jesus” phone has been around for quite some time now and one of the trickiest things to get right on it has always been the atmosphere. Franchises like Silent Hill and Resident Evil failed miserably and turned out to be  titles that can’t even scare a baby. But it seems all is not lost for the platform and a small indie group named 7th Sense Studios  have recently released the first and only really scary Survival Horror title on the platform – Fallen. And joining me today to talk about their unique creations are Vincenzo Alagna – the Technical Director and CEO and his lovely colleague Valentina Cioliono – the Producer at 7th Sense Studios.

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