The official iPod and iTunes timeline from Apple

I doubt that when Apple announced the first iPod back in 2001 anyone could have guessed that this would not only bring failing company back from the dead, but also be the debut for iconic iDevice product line. Now all of that is history, but how would we learn if not from it? So the smart people at Cupertino decided that nothing could be better than an official history of the whole iPod line. Apple have gone ahead and published this history along with high-quality pics of all of the iPods ever released. Be sure to check out this very instructive timeline.

New iPod touch 4G and iPod nano 6G details: unibody MacBook Pro-like aluminium back

There is one in my house, a beautiful 13 slab of aluminium and glass that flexes even less than MIT’s champion chess team. Well, that perfect sexiness might make it to Apple’s 4th generation iPod touch. Currently, the iPod touch uses a rounded shiny (and easily scratched) steel back. Apple’s 2010 iPod event is only days away and we expect rumours of the new back, dual cameras, FaceTime, and zippy new iPhone 4 internals to be corroborated.

iLounge shed some light on the new iPod touch:

…Familiar. Think of the top of a MacBook Pro, only smaller, which is to say flat rather than curved at the center—closer to the look of the first-generation iPod touch’s back, only with modifications. The rear camera is there, but there is still some question as to whether what’s next to it will be a LED flash like the one in the iPhone 4, or a microphone like the one next to the video camera of the iPod nano. We’ve been told to expect a microphone rather than a flash, with a continuation of the bottom-mounted headphone port and Dock Connector port.

iLounge also mention the above cases: one for the upcoming iPod nano refresh and for the new iPod touch. The new nano may sport a darling 3cm*3cm screen and shave over half its size. Something in me wonders if the shuffle will be retired.

iPods, iPad and iPhone Due For an Early Revamp?

Apple's image

It’s clear that 2010 is a busy, busy year for Apple. A heady combination of new and old, Apple unveiled the highly-anticipated iPad, released the sexy (and controversial) iPhone 4, and  a bigger, meaner iMac together with the Apple Magic Trackpad.

Rumors abound from a number of reliable sources that the iPod line will see a major product refresh – a tiny touchscreen shuffle, the iPod Touch will finally get a camera and the fabled retina display on the iPhone 4, and – gasp! – a tinier, 7-inch iPad in the works? Another rumor that might ignite a fresh wave of controversy is the rumored iPhone refresh amidst the antenna issues hounding iPhone 4.

A more recent rumor is the introduction of a cheaper  TV device renamed the Apple iTv said to cost only $99 with a 99 cent tv show rental deal in the works.

With the scheduled September 1 event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, these speculations will soon be put to rest. Major announcements for the iPad and iPhone however, might come a bit later in the year or early 2011.

Pirating made easy with the Easy iPod Media Sharer

Cute accessory. Hammacher Schlemmer’s Easy iPod Media Sharer looks like a cheap digicam, but it does as much for your music as Apple and Amazon’s squabbles. For only 99,95$ CAD, you can enjoy pirating music from the comfort of your own iPod.

This device allows you to easily share music, video, and pictures between two connected iPods without the use of a computer. It automatically recognizes when you plug in iPods (either Mac or PC formatting) on either end, and it can transfer a three-minute song in five seconds and a 30-minute video in three minutes. The device can also transfer any files when the iPods are set to “disk drive” mode. Its rechargeable battery provides up to 1 1/2 hours of operation during transfers, and includes an AC adapter that recharges the device in four hours; iPods are recharged while connected. Not compatible with iPhone or iPod Touch. 3/4″ H x 2 1/4″ W x 3 1/2″ D. (2 oz.)

Compatible iPods:

  • Mini (no bass)
  • Nano (the foldable)
  • 3rd Gen iPod (spaz buttons)
  • 4th Gen iPod (Photo)
  • 5th Gen iPod (Video)
  • 6th Gen iPod (Classic)

Full spec at Hammacher Schlemmer

iPhone fashion – skirting the geek

This is geek chic

Fashionistas see the iPhone and iPod touch as more than just an accessory. To them, it is an integral part of an outfit, a statement, a clever way to enhance their get up, or vica versa. It’s all part of the game and it makes sense. At the other end of the spectrum are the geeks. This fun-sucking group keep their portable devices locked away in Otter Boxes and wear only the most manly of earphones, swearing that it’s girly to accessorise a piece of steel and glass.

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Cy-Fi Wireless sports speakers in Review – no strings attached


Just as The Quest ain’t your kid’s RPG, Cy-Fi ‘s iPod and Bluetooth speakers aren’t your average run-to-the-beach bicycle speakers. And, at 159$ for either model (Kleer or Bluetooth) also ain’t your casual, cheap portable speaker. I’ll be honest here, I’ve searched for years for a perfect way to listen to my music whilst riding and tested everything from earbuds to custom earphones. But as you can guess, deafening your ears to the outside is extremely dangerous. Actually, putting anything in your ears while riding is dangerous, no matter how much the trail or road needs the fellowship of music. For this very reason, Cy-Fi’s wireless bicycle speakers simply rock for the serious rider.

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iPod leads to deafness!


Courtesy Christophe Gilbert

My parents, like most parents, always said that if I listen to loud music, I will go deaf. Well, now it’s official. The iPod, as well as other portal music players, can lead to deafness, says the European Commission. With their latest act they decided to limit the maximum sound level of music devices at 80db. What do you know, my momma was right about something for a change!

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Big iPod Accessory: Nissan Dualis


Usually, I salivate for pocketable iPhone accessories, or add-ons which keep the iPhone safe in the pocket. The Nissan Dualis, however, is a bit bigger. Rather, I think there ain’t a safe way to stow it in my room and certainly ain’t totable atop my Marinoni (I cannot drive in Korea). But it has an iPod dock (so, I’m thinking about it), possible line-in for analogue connection to anything audio, a fancy-nancy HDD based navigation system, and that is about it. Anyway, add it to the list of iPod dockable vehicles and don’t forget your safety belt.

[via Yomiuri Newspaper (Japanese)]

Daewoo to create the iPod of mini cars


Ho hum. The very same Daewoo whose failing buses noisily tractor down motorways all across South Korea, will be releasing the Spark, or Matiz Creative as it will be known in South Korea. The small car will house a 1,0 litre engine, and  like the ubiquitous DAP, will hypothetically change transportation forever, demanding imitations and lawsuits from every major manufacturer around the world because of its “stylish and expressive” design. It had better. As GM Daewoo’s VP Mark Labelle put it, the Spark “like the iPod, will become a cultural icon” (Korea Herald).

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In Praise of Le Tour – Cy-Fi Wireless Bicycle Speakers

News-Audio-CyFi-ComingTMA.jpgUpdate: Our review of the Cy-Fi wireless speakers can be found here

CyFi, maker of great outdoor-oriented speakers for both the iPod and for other portables, have a couple of surprises for TouchMyApps. While the actual arrival date isn’t known (the mystery), both the A2DP and Kleer Wireless version will arrive sometime in August for review. Mark my words – I’ll be on those like Oprah on a cupcake (the intrigue).

Up till now, I have been using various sports-oriented earphones for riding, an option which is by far the most streamlined, but dangerous avenue available. Not to mention, constantly looking over my shoulder, running sprints and trackstand excercises, makes cabled audio a pain.

Both the Kleer and the A2DP version are available for 159$.

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