Apple robbed of Facebook dev – skinny 19 year old gets away


Not that we are taken with wild stories or anything, but this one is a quite a read. One of the App Store’s most respected devs, Joe Hewitt has quit the App Store because of Apple’s horrid review policies. His App Store claim to fame is the hugely popular Facebook app which has gone through numerous updates and is considered by many to be one of the most elegant apps out there. Love or hate the app, the man behind incessant friend updates is gone. You can read all about it at TechCrunch. But there is more…

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Putting the i into the iPhone: Apple to internationalise 3G


Believe it or not, the iPhone isn’t yet international, at least not as quantified by the boundaries of 3G networks. Even in Canada –and for a variety of reasons including Bell’s CDMA network– the iPhone has been stuck with Robbers Rogers and garnered an unfair evaluation as expensive. Well, 5 November, things changed with Bell’s launch, if only a little. Not only has the tyranny of one been dropped from Canada (and ostensibly soon in the States) with the entry of a Bell-Telus partnership, but the next iPhone (don’t we love to hear about it?) may carry a multilingual Qualcomm 3G chip which will allow the spread of Jesus to all corners of the globe.

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APhone A6 rises from the Clone Nation


Clothed in shiny, shiny metal and what looks like glass, this story’s hero rides interesting shirttails. China, strapped for land, imposed a one-child policy in the year of our Lord, 1979 to clamp down on the teemingly overwhelming life in its country. Thirty years later, the same nation is amuck with clones and clones of clones. Factories upon factories birth product after product which look and smell like like they came from companies who sweated and scratched businesses together. But they are not. Our hero, the APhone, looks like an iPod touch or an iPhone, but carries Google’s Android in its loins; and strangely enough, its nomenclature is reminiscent of products from the infamous clone manufacturer, Meizu. One Child, many clones – ride the technological wave, China.

[via MobileCrunch]

Alice in Bomberland in Review – all I ever hear is ‘bang bang’


Itsy bitsy controls meets static platformer meets Dr. Strangelove. I’m sure that the finer details are being swept aside in favour of a cleverly pithy lead-in but, tosh, who cares. Alice in Bomberland (AiB) really is all those things, and for fans of literature and comic gaming, there is probably no weirder, better choice. Well, almost….

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Leonard Maltin Movie Guide in Review – Decades Of Reviews In The Palm Of Your Hand


Reviewing and critiquing movies from as young as 18, Leonard Maltin has had numerous books published as well as an almost 30 year long career on television with Entertainment Weekly. Most recently, his renowned “Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide” has made it onto the iPlatform. Thanks to developers MobileAge, “the 2300 page Godzilla of movie references” is now even more accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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Secrets of Mysterious Island Walkthrough


Chillingo’s sequel to the popular Return to Mysterious Island adventure game made a surprise debut at the App Store, surprising both Chillingo and reviewers alike. But, Apple’s wonky schedule aside, gamers are enjoying leading Mina back to the island on another life-or-death quest. One thing noted in the Return to Mysterious Island review is that the game is both immense and difficult, leading to the official Tetraedge walkthrough. Both aspects lend themselves to excellent adventure gaming, but users need a break. Well, TMA have been given one to pass on to you. The below link will direct you to the spoils of a walkthrough of Secrets of Mysterious Island.

Walkthrough: Secrets of Mysterious Island – PDF

Be sure to also check out TMA’s review of Jules Verne’s Secrets of the Mysterious Island.

Chillingo, Secrets of Mysterious Island, 6.99$, 704 MB
Jules Verne?s Secrets Of The Mysterious Island

How to create ringtones for the iPhone – Annoyrring!


Face it, each and every one of you has wanted to annoy your neighbours with songs from your teeny-bopping iTunes collection. Imagine: Oprah soundboards, talk-show clips, John Denver singing about farm life: each available for every call at the behest of  your phone’s over-amped speakers. There are a couple of simple and legal methods to do this without purchasing additional ringtones. But if you are lazy and filthy rich, Sony have something to help you unload your unneeded dosh.

Follow the gap for the how to and 3rd-party links:

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1,000 Ringtones for your iPhone – Sony’s next Walkman?


The same Sony who conceded the portable music market to Apple et al., and later lost the proprietary music wars to the same group, are exercising a Sega-esque about-face. For nigh on 13 quid, you can scoop up 1000 ring tones for your iPhone from the makers of the original root-kit virus and annoy your friends, family, and fellow bus-queuers in one go! Sony have this to say for their new shceme:

From Hollywood sound effects to great music clips to a wide variety of spoken ringtones, you’re sure to find just the right sounds to fit your style. 1,000 Ringtones for your iPhone—there’s no better, cheaper, or faster way to get great ringtones on your iPhone.

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The iPhone is the worst phone ever – CNET UK


Well, it’s official, the iPhone and CNET UK have taken a sudden turn for the ill. The god-like tech site digs the apps, but a few games here, and a couple of good references there aren’t enough to sway the lumbering giant into its prior, amorous love. Accordingly, there is little to like in a phone which:

  • drops calls
  • loses data
  • has horrible call quality
  • doesn’t ring
  • explodes
  • can’t sustain good battery life

The article is a good, long read and rant about why Apple’s phone ain’t the Messiah we are led to believe. As always though, the comments are the best part – users rave about how good or bad the phone is, CNET are; about how another user couldn’t pass her a-levels, etc.; but my favourite is by user Flora (after the gap):

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