Korean iPhone Launch: Update


This ain’t gonna be no normal event. There will be a concert on the 28th for 1000 VIPs who will be able to activate and use their new iPhones that day – otherwise, owners must wait till 1 December. And, strangely, that very same group will be able to check out live iPhones on display (in case they don’t care to use their own phones). And, according to iPhoneInKorea, there is a “rich benefit” to top it all off. If I was you and I was in Korea (and I am), I would be excited. A bloody concert!

More after the gap:

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Who Ate All The Flies? Arachnadoodle – preying soon at the App Store


It’s pretty crazy how many games are stringing up for a holiday season which promises to be quite a sticky web of delight. Connect2Media (C2M) who have dazzled TMA with games like Go Go Rescue Squad are brewing another something something for eager shoppers, and if it ends up to be anything like its predecessors, C2M may just have a hit handy. Look for it soon now.

Connect2Media, Arachnadoodle, 0.99$, 10.6 MB

Press goodies and screenshots after the gap.

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Groovin’ Blocks in Review – Match 3 to a different beat

Groovin Blocks 1

Groovin’ Blocks is another mash-up of genres, this time a mix of puzzle and rhythm music games like Rock Band and Guitar Rock Tour. And it’s a successful merger – producing a game that’s got a unique visual and audio style. If that sounds like it might appeal to you, click on through to get my thoughts.

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iPhone in Korea – Official launch 28 November


In light of recent news, my faithless and incessant ripping of the Korean mobile phone marketplace looks distasteful and trite, but hindsight doesn’t sober as much as the exciting/perplexing KT iPhone launch. After numerous delays, Jesus will be delivered to the hands of the pre-order faithful this Saturday, 28 November. If you are in Seoul, you can march down to the Jamsil Gymnasium, attend launch festivities, and get away with a shiny 3G or 3GS. According to The Korea Times, this event is for pre-order customers only, but have no fear, KT’s iPhone can still be ordered online through KT’s ‘handler’.

Plan pricing is available as follows (after the gap):

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Home Sweet Home in Review: A House is Not a Home ‘Til You Build It!


Popular PC game Home Sweet Home is now pocket-sized for the iPhone and iPod Touch! Fans of social networking games such as Pet Society will instantly recognize the irresistible appeal of designing your own space and exploring the permutations of your creativity from the game that started it all in 2007.

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Rally Master Pro 3D in Review – the fight of the navigator


Fishlabs have pulled out all the stops with Rally Master Pro 3D (RMP), a realistic, and edgy racer. Forget what you have learned in hitherto pedal-to-the-metal driving sims like Asphalt 5 and Need for Speed Undercover – RMP starts with speed and adds a dash of “watch out!” for a difficult, but brilliant racing concoction . No fly-by-wire steering system, no easy to drive cars, and absolutely no hand-holding…

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Tom Tom 1.2 – 1st Gen iPhone and iPod touch compatibility

With the GPS-equipped Tom Tom Car Kit and Tom Tom 1.2, first-gen iPhones and all iPod touches can see the road for you, and mounted to your windscreen, function as proper electronic navigators. The Tom Tom Car Kit costs 119.95$ and included a built-in GPS, line out for music playback, integrated charging circuit, speaker and microphone for live, hands-free telephone calls. Of course, without WiFi, the iPod touch functions only as a GPS.

Tom Tom International BV, TomTom U.S. & Canada, 119.95$, 1.30 GB
TomTom U.S. & Canada

APPointments at the Apple Store – there’ll be an app for that


If you’ve found it hard to stand on your two (give or take) feet for long at the Apple Store, thank heavens, Apple may have just what you need: an app which will let you browse while the powers that be crunch queue numbers. I may be taking liberty here; Appleinsider mention that the app will actually help you schedule Concierge appointments, Genius Bar drinks, and Pro Care surgery. A welcome step (and timely as my MacBook Pro will be going back for its _third_ surgery in less than 6 months) where users don’t have to bother with as many online steps. This is still in rumour status, but AI reckon that the source is better than spotty, so look for ward to: iQueue – APPointments

SKT: keeping it Hancool – Korean iPhone no go?


As I mentioned before, neither LG nor Samsung have a clue how to design mobile phones, but the ever fickle SKT are harbouring thoughts of cranking out Android products from either company rather than selling Apple’s iPhone. On the one hand, Android is a very good platform which I respect; it would make little sense for SKT to pass up the business opportunity afforded by the clever OS. But on the other hand, in serving an LG or Samsung Android, the telecom mogul will only further entrench itself in the quagmire of a stodgy Korean-only oligarchy.

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