Arachnadoodle in Review – LOL of the flies


I’m reliving grade 10 all over again. Another assignment, another dose of dread. Except that this time, I am completely amazed by the subject. Arachnadoodle isn’t anything like a Robert Golding’s anarchic adventure; it is a ligth-hearted load of web-slinging fun worth more than its 99 cents price tag. But be prepared to sit down, advance some strategies, and get your sling on, because this action/puzzler isn’t just for the funniac.

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Tap-Fu in Review – Eye Candy and Tough Love


Who says you can only take candy from a baby? You can steal from an old guy, too – and a kung fu master at that! Tap-Fu works based on that funny and slightly surreal premise. You are the young ward of a great kung fu master who is secretly addicted to candy and has just lost his loot to a gang of hooligans aptly named the Sweet Tooth Clan. To win back the goodies, you have to fight your way through sneaky ninjas and win back each blue or green candy they stole from your master.

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MobileNavigator North America in Review- Navigates to the first spot on my SpringBoard

When the iPhone was first released, there were no GPS apps at the AppStore. The closest thing to a true GPS on the iDevice was the included Google Maps app, unlike its cousin on the Droid, isn’t a real GPS. However, after the release of Navigon/MobileNavigator, things started to change. Four months and a few major updates later, Navigon has proven itself worthy of taking on the role as a complete GPS device replacement and now sits pretty atop my springboard.

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PetitionAppleCompetition – Let’s fix the iPhone


Tonnes of pre-launch skepticism was ineffectual in condemning the iPhone to an early grave. And two and a half years later, no amount of individual scorn will unearth Apple’s staunch defence of its core apps. Both legitimate and illegitimate devs feel the sting of Apple’s “duplicate functionality” clause which refuses alternatives such to Safari, Mail, etc.. So while there is no dearth of silly one-line apps, Apple’s crash-prone web-browser and the horribly stilted Mail app stand alone on the platform, providing users with strapped-down versions of their desktop partners which boast less-than-stellar performance and feature sets. Apple’s stringent insistence that core apps shalt have no rival eschews the iDevice horribly. So, while on the one hand, the iDevice enjoys a 53% online market share [TechCrunch], it does so at the expense of its own functionality.

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Playboy and the iDevice – bunny love!


(Pun alert!) It’s been a long time coming, but Playboy and Apple have laid down the latex armour and rubber weapons in the release of an official 17+ Playboy app. For fans of the magazine, there is a lot of digital content to love, but iDevice Playboy isn’t quite as much of a so-called “hands-on” experience as its print version. Apple don’t allow nudity – though there are official ways to get it – so Hef’s software is rather an advert for the risque publication. And, in the spirit of subscript, Playboy comes at 1.99$, featuring November and December; but subsequent months require a payment of 1.99$ per. The price may be worth it however, as users get a grab at advice from their favourite celebs and bunnies covering anything from cars to stereos and sex advice. Imagine that, sex advice from a bunny…

Jump Games Pvt. Ltd., Playboy, 1.99$, 24.1 MB

Press info and pictures after the gap:

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iPod touch/iPhone remote app for Kleer Wireless devices


Kleer, manufacturer of true lossless wireless audio transmission technology, will release an iDevice app designed to interface with products from multiple vendors which benefit from Kleer’s wireless technology. Kleer has the advantage over the other popular wireless solution, Bluetooth, by firing a stronger, higher quality signal to receiving devices, and has unique pairing options. You can read more about Kleer VS. AD2P for the iPod touch, and in TMA’s review of the Cy-Fi Wireless sports speaker which has turned my training sessions into safe, tuneful workouts.

Press Release after the gap:

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Roll over Zenonia, Seed planted at App Store


Chillingo are gunning for Zenonia this Christmas with Seed, a new anime/action RPG , which designated by the numeral “1” may be followed up by sequels and sequels of sequels. And keeping with the holiday spirit, Chillingo have reduced the introductory price to only 2.99$ so that you can save your pennies for more holiday apps, or a pair of nice noise-cancelling headphones for your luvy. Of course, Chillingo have already published what in my opinion is the most complete RPG experience on the iDevice, The Quest. Seed may find a new hallowed spot among the App Store’s Best anime RPGs. We’ll be sure to tell you.

Chillingo, Seed 1 – Rise of Darkness, 2.99$ (limited time 40% price reduction), 22.7 MB

Press release and Screenies after the gap:

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DopplerPad in Review – iDevice music creation squared


According to Retryonyms website, DopplerPad is an expressive touch instrument designed exclusively for iPhone & iPod Touch. Experienced electronic music creators will recognize this as the iPhone version of a Kaossilator. Whatever you call it, Dopplerpad is one of the most fun and useful music apps available on any mobile device, and at only $10, a much better introduction into electronical music and sequencing than $100+ equipment such as the Kaossilator.

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The Chronicles of Inotia: A Wanderer of Luone Released + Promo Code Giveaway!

Update: Our review of Inotia: A Wanderer of Luone can be found here

Over the weekend, The Chronicles of Inotia: A Wanderer of Luone bust into the App Store to confirm its spot among the best RPGs in the App Store. TouchMyApps’ review is forthcoming and we have one of our best men on the job, but suffice it to say that among the oft’ short-lived, simple anime RPGs, Luone sheds some serious skin. One of its best features is incredibly long play time which busts through dozens of hours of story play and many more on side quests. But when you’ve sussed the entire thing, Online Match-up mode is sure to pique your interest. Thank you Com2uS for continuing to innovate!

Com2uS, The Chronicles of Inotia: A Wanderer of Luone, 7.99$, 55.1 MB
Inotia: A Wanderer of Luone

Keep an eye out for it among the hallowed in our featured article: The App Store’s Best RPG.

Want to win a copy of Inotia:Wanderer of Luone ? Details after the break!

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Fluffy Farm in Review – All that’s fluffy is gold


The scene is familiar – you are on a farm with an empty stretch of green before you; a wiggly and colourful little thing spawns new little colourful things until the screen is swarming with wiggly and colourful little things. Fluffy Farm is a line drawing game which will press your drawing skills to avoid enemies and obstacles while achieving your goals.

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