Google Nexus One – sales figures de-nexing?

Hardly does a man like me scoff at the competition, especially when that competition is the “don’t be evil” Google. And, hardly does a man like me scoff at the floundering of smartphone – I root for the sub-genre with passion not seen outside Hollywood. But after a month of sales under its belt, the Google Nexus One isn’t looking that good. The times are bad, I know. And Android has been pumped in the arm by a lot of great phones – this too I know. But its sales figures are dire next to the iPhone heady debut and the more recent outing of Motorola’s Droid. For those who pray, pray for the success of at least one Apple competitor, but don’t pray too hard – I am a man who likes Apple and would rather not start chasing everything else.

[via Gizmodo Japan]

iPhone OS 3.1.3 Software Update available

USB stick your iDevice of choice into iTunes, check for updates, or just wait awhile, and voila! 3.1.3 will peep out. The new software addresses a very small number of bugs such as battery reading accuracy on the 3GS while the rest is still a mystery. If you value your Jailbreak, you might want to sit this one out. The modified iPhone OS which debuted at Apple’s Launch Event last week in the iPad is 3.2. No one is sure how many of its new features will trickle down to the iPad’s older siblings. Unfortunately, it looks as if OS 4.0 may still be two seasons away from greeting its fans. No worries though, users can acquiesce themselves in the iDevices new-found, accurate battery function!

The JBnator Diaries – iPhone OS 3.1.2 Vs OS 3.2 for the iPad – a breakdown of new features

This week’s JBnator column will be a bit different. With all of the hype around the iPad I just couldn’t ignore ite. While a lot of rave has been going around the web about the new hardware and apps for the unveiled iPad, many people forget that it is also running a new version of the iPhone OS. And while the 3.2 version is iPad only it would a safe guess that at least some of the features available on the iPad will find their way into the next iPhone and iPod Touch-friendly version of the OS as well. So let’s see what new stuff Apple have put in there and discuss whether we’ll see it on the iPhone.

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Good for girls: MacBook and iPhone

I’ve never really looked at it this way before, but evidently, the MacBook/iPhone combo is a winning ‘get’ for girls. AllAbout, a great Japanese site for -everything- has an article promoting the MacBook and iPhone combination for girls. Their main points are:

  • It is stylish and cute for fashion-conscious customers
  • The new MacBook’s screen is great for surfing the web
  • The iPhone’s multimedia/internet/organisational features are great for both private and work life
  • Both machines’ rounded edges nicer for girl’s hands
  • Both platforms offer loads of software which you can use from day 1

Right now, Amazon have a special SuperSaver deal for American customers.

$954.59 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.

[via AllAbout] Japanese Language

iPhone typing speed: Gyford pits Jesus against the world

In fitting with the illegible theme, my title should find a nice spot in this somewhat bewildering find. Phillip Gyford’s eclectic website is always a rush of the this and that which populates freelancer’s lives. Well he churned out a self-run communication speed test where 6 technologies are tested one against the other in a trial of speed where . The devices are: the pen, the computer, the Apple Newton, the Palm Vx, the Palm Treo 650, and an iPhone’s soft keyboard. The result is an interesting mix of ‘of course!’ and ‘really?’ as idealistic overdogs didn’t do as well as might have been thought.

See for yourself:

  • Pen: 5 min 33 sec
  • Laptop: 3 min 14 sec
  • Apple Newton: 9 min 17 sec
  • Palm Vx: 12 min 16 sec
  • Palm Treo 650: 6 min 18 sec
  • iPhone: 4 min 56 sec

Obviously the test cannot be 100% objective, not applicable to 100% of the population. But it stands as another interesting proof of concept that the iPhone can actually be quite fast for data entry.

Full article is at

iPaying for the news – Capital N

News houses have been hit hard by a failing economy and by the times. Many customers no longer buy newspapers; instead, they selectively read news sites, feeds, and social network reports. But at the same time, dwindling reliance upon dead trees means less overhead cost. Still, as news corporations face the times, and like the music industry, learn to step to a different tune, consumers will be hitby a wave of new revenue-making schemes. If not portal adverts, online subscriptions and cost per link options are bound rise to popularity. The iDevice, may be another option. Fox News and The Guardian have run with the iDevice, creating pay-once apps that allow precipitate referencing. Below are a few large publications whose N has gone capital:

FOX News Pro Top Pick, FOX News Pro – $1.99

The Guardian Guardian News and Media Limited, The Guardian – $3.99

CNN Mobile CNN Interactive Group, Inc., CNN Mobile – $1.99

BBC Mobile News Reader RIV Creations, BBC Mobile News Reader – $0.99

Gay News (The News App for Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transgender People) Splaysoft, LLC., Gay News (The News App for Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transgender People) – $0.99

The App Store’s Best Racing game

If RPGs get your brains bending, racers boil your blood. They spin you down the most pristine of roads, the strangest of alien avenues – the wildest of rides. Oftentimes, they are all-out guts-to-glory races to the finish line; they grind your un-manicured fingernails to fine capacitive dust; they simply have no equal for burning calories  and having fun at the same time – at least on the iDevice.

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Myopic? Try these iPhone magnifiers

Every day, my trip from one line of text to another in any of Jules Verne’s excellent novels gets longer and longer. My myopic vision of the world will continue to close around me until my Lilliputian arms will reach out of canonical novels with little to support them. Well, thanks to a load of intrepid devs, geeky short-sighted four-eyed iDevice addicts like me can find the the next letter on the page without physically jumping into the book. The following apps may be a great way to get back into real life:

i-Magnifi TIC, i-Magnifi – $0.99

A Magnifier Game Lingo, A Magnifier – $1.99

iMagnify Jack a. Alepyan, iMagnify – $1.99

Magnifier Lens Celtic Code Craft, Magnifier Lens – $0.99

Robbie Williams Racing in Review – Racing with the stars


I used to intensely dislike Robbie Williams for a good number of years – I honestly couldn’t understand why this ex-Take That member and quintessential bad boy had the world at his feet. I hated nearly all of his songs, avoided his videos and wondered about Gary Barlow instead. It was until I heard his fantastic cover of “My Way” many years later that I begrudgingly conceded that Robbie Williams had truly emerged from his ‘boy band’ roots and bad boy ways to become a great artist in his own right.

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