Fanboi VS Fanboi – there is no middle ground

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Get over it Fanbois, you can’t separate your favourite product from the pile of others. Security this, security that, market penetration, user base – irrelevant to proving which product is ‘better’. Want to talk about app numbers? About OEM growth? Go ahead. But no matter how you crack it, you’ll only prove one point: that you are capable of only proving one-sided points.

In this article, I will aimlessly rail on the sort of clueless fanbois blogger we see around the net.

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iApps for Students – Best bang-for-the-buck back to School Apps

As summer draws to a close, there’s a bigger and better reason for going back to school this September – shiny new apps for your shiny new iPad and iPhone 4.

Check out the ongoing sale at iApps for Students and take a pick from a wide selection of useful apps for school for your Mac, iPhone and iPad – massive discounts ranging from 20 to 99% off will certainly make app shopping easier on the wallet. These apps make student life a little easier with its selection of educational, personal finance management and notetaking tools, with games, entertainment, photography apps thrown in.

You might want to revisit last year’s cream of the crop back to school app roundup by TMA and check if you have these recommended apps in your collection already. So it’s time to shine that gorgeous new baby of yours and go back to school with a bang!

iPods, iPad and iPhone Due For an Early Revamp?

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It’s clear that 2010 is a busy, busy year for Apple. A heady combination of new and old, Apple unveiled the highly-anticipated iPad, released the sexy (and controversial) iPhone 4, and  a bigger, meaner iMac together with the Apple Magic Trackpad.

Rumors abound from a number of reliable sources that the iPod line will see a major product refresh – a tiny touchscreen shuffle, the iPod Touch will finally get a camera and the fabled retina display on the iPhone 4, and – gasp! – a tinier, 7-inch iPad in the works? Another rumor that might ignite a fresh wave of controversy is the rumored iPhone refresh amidst the antenna issues hounding iPhone 4.

A more recent rumor is the introduction of a cheaper  TV device renamed the Apple iTv said to cost only $99 with a 99 cent tv show rental deal in the works.

With the scheduled September 1 event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, these speculations will soon be put to rest. Major announcements for the iPad and iPhone however, might come a bit later in the year or early 2011.

Protect iPhone 4less – saving Apple’s glass ;)

You could grab an iPhone 4 for a good dent in your month’s rent, then give out for the 3 year Apple Guarantee and BAM! the nervous sweat from a first date destroys your iPhone and Apple won’t touch it because it simply covers their glass, not yours. Well, for the price of Apple’s iPhone Protection Plan, you could have two years of coverage for all normal out of warrantee failures such as drops, spills, leaks, cracks, etc. Protect iPhone 4less is a FREE download and covers ALL iPhone models. Should you do something bad to your baby, SquareTrade will cover the cost of shipping to and from their repair depot.

There is a catch though: you have to have an American iPhone. You can’t be some Australian bloke with an iPhone and want to sneak into this clever deal. No, your phone will have to be bought in America either at an Apple Store or say… from Ebay. For Canadians who got an iPhone from the USA, this SquareTrade’s offer takes especial advantage of the longest unprotected border in the world.

Summary: Protect iPhone 4less costs 99$, covers all iPhone models and covers all normal out of warrantee failures. It is also currently rated at 4 1/2 stars at the American iTunes store.

Update: Use the code APPRV when purchasing the warranty to receive $5 off, making it $94 for the 2 year coverage.

Protect iPhone 4less SquareTrade, Inc., Protect iPhone 4less, 1.43MB – Free

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Average Selling Price: iPhone worth 8 Nokia or 2 Blackberry phones

The iPhone's ASP nearly totals the competition

The ever-resourceful @DaringFireball got me onto a clever fellow by the name of Horace Dediu who runs asymco, a quirky but engaging mobile-focused blog. He does a lot of his own research, loads his site with great articles, and gets clicks. This one just happens to be his research on the average selling price (ASP) of  mobile phone competitors: Nokia, Apple, LG, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericcson, and RIM. The results are sour grapes for most of the companies; only Apple and RIM come away without looking foolish.

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Renew your Firearms license with your iPhone

Image from Thinkberry's Real Gun app series

By now, you’ve certainly heard of the phrase “there’s an app for that”. We here at TMA have seen a range of apps that allow you to track moles on your body, accept jobs for money and even tweet your own poop (who woulda thunk it?). Well you may soon be able to add another to the list as The Register are reporting that the Sussex Police are planning to allow gun owners to renew their firearms licences via an iPhone app. Currently, all licence renewals require applicants to fill out all the paperwork during scheduled meetings at the police station. If the proposal goes through, the app will apparently save the county £3m (~$4.5m US) by freeing up cop time during the face-to-face application process. With the recent shooting spree of Derrick Bird however, there are gun control groups that are trying to put a stop to the app.

Can you blame these groups for trying though? It seems we as a society are getting more and more reliant on the iPhone (and technology for that matter), whether it’s for the right or wrong reasons. Personally, making it easier for anyone to keep possession of a firearm can’t be a good thing.

[via The Reg]

More options for getting Flash on the iOS

With all of the Apple vs Adobe “friendly” exchanges these last few months, it’s virtually a certainty Flash will never find a true home on the iOS. Or will it? More and more developers are taking upon themselves to offer solutions to have at least some way of having the heavily sought technology on your iDevice. We have already reported Cloud Browse – a virtual browser on a remote server, streamed right to your iPhone and Smokescreen – a Javascript Flash recompiler. And just recently two more projects have surfaced on the web.

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The JBnator Diaries – How to free 70MB RAM on 2G/3G iPhones

As I promised in my iDevice overclocking article, I will tell you how to free RAM on your Jesus device. As most of you probably know limited RAM is THE iDevices most limiting factor today and the reason for most app crashes. The iPhone OS tracks the amount of free memory available and starts killing off background apps when it gets low (remember, even on the the OS 3.0 Apple’s stock apps like Mail, Safari and iPod still support backgrounding out of the box). If the memory still gets under a certain threshold the OS kills the running app as well.

Well, the jailbreaking community has an answer to this, as it turns out. And the funny thing is – it is an age old technology, present in the desktop OSs for years. I’m talking of course about Virtual Memory.

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