RSSPush in Review – Feed Your Feed Read Need!

review-news-rsspush-rsspush1RSS feeds are extremely popular nowadays, and there’s no shortage of readers available in the app store.  The problem is that if you don’t know the specific feeds that you are interested in, the task of picking and choosing can be quite tedious. DNet Telecom has come with a solution to both solve the problem of needing a reader as well as simplify the task of choosing feeds.

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The Wars in Review – Battle through the ages


The Wars is a game from that employs strategy, action, and an upgrade system that sets it apart from similar games such as Tap Defense. You play the mighty general through the ages, sitting comfy on your (at first) stone chair, commanding your legions to attack your enemy’s fort, and defending your own.

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Google: Browser to best the App Store


Believe it or not, Google are pushing their own agenda; an agenda that speaks of the strength of the web as the best content distribution system. A strength that will usurp the current juggernaut, Apple’s App Store. It would be a misstep if Google, the undisputed leader on the internet, did not support what is largely, its playground.

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Stand O’ Food in Review – You Can Makez Hamburger!


Stand O’ Food is a restaurant based strategy game from renowned mobile game development studio G5 Entertainment. The premise of the game is fairly straight forward. You are a cook in a restaurant and it’s your job to fill the orders of each of your customers in a timely fashion. Although the idea of the game is simple, completing the task at hand may not be as easy.

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iPhone USB port: standardisation of European smartphone charging/syncing ports


Ten companies who control ninety-percent of the European smartphone market have agreed to standardise in/out ports in order to drastically reduce thousands of tonnes of waste generated each when phones are upgraded. Adamant that such waste was unnecessary, the EU Industry Commissioner Guenter Verheugen says the EU will back the micro-USB standard in an effort that will likely have a ‘knock-on effect’ in the rest of the world.

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Apple’s iPhone Availability – There or not?


If you have had trouble locating a store that stocks the 3GS, you understand the same frustration that thousands of other potential buyers across the USA are experiencing. Apple’s 3rd generation iPhone is simply hot and some stores are not able to keep them on the shelves. Thanks to Apple, a new Webpage has been set up to direct users to stores that should stock the phone.

iPhone Availability Webpage

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Interview with Gamevil’s Eusoon Han of Global Marketing


Yes, it really is that green. Thanks guys!

Gamevil, a virtual mogul in the Korean mobile gaming arena, service three Korean carriers and boast an award-winning library with over 50 games. Yet, despite their size and influence, the software company is at heart, a group of friends. They geek out at lunch with PS3 tourneys of Winning Eleven, strategise over Crispy Creme at work, and at the end of the day, enjoy pints at the pub. It’s no wonder Gamevil could carry off the successful introduction of two high-profile games: Zenonia and Baseball Superstars 2009 and so quickly establish firm grounding on the iPhone’s turf. Despite the near gobsmacking success, I was quickly assured that the best is yet to come.

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iPhone and Android Play Nice – Appcelerator’s Titanium fuses the combatant’s in a bond of love

g1-and-iphone-love-you-manGoogle’s Android platform, open source and relatively new, is a force to be reckoned with. So is the iPhone and its App Store juggernaut. Both are based on *NIX operating systems that have desktop niches and conceivably could be ported to just about any hardware with a CPU (and conceivably, even the iPhone). Philosophically of course, they are very different. MacOS X’ roots are open source with the project called Darwin, but Apple are often about as community friendly as the RIAA. Google, ever the stealth operator, expand even into our streets without so much as a hissyfit (unless you live in the UK).

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The Importance of the “Mobile Internet” – A Lesson Learned Through David Thorne’s Joke Mails

news-rss-realinternet-vs-real-mobile A large percentage of tech sites feature RSS feeds. Even your friendly TouchMyApps staff have put together a subscription system so that you never have to browse our site at all unless really bored. Well, I woke this morning with an email in my mail box from a trusted site’s RSS feed which led me to an article over at the Sun. Usually, I stay away from publications that begin and end in the same syllable, but today I couldn’t get back into sleep and, not wanting to wake my wife, I read on.

news-rss-reainternet-vs-real-mobile-img_01sun news-rss-reainternet-vs-real-mobile-img_02tma

Many of you have read the Spider email that made rounds a little over half a year ago. The culprit, a person by the name of David Thorne is at it again with mixed, but good results. His first joke is rather duff, but, David flourishes his humour in top form as the page scrolls south.

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