Microsoft on the iPhone – Badda boom, badda bing!


Have you tried out Microsoft’s new beta search engine, bing? If not, it is actually worth a shot. While typing (I still do that) in Safari’s address bar, or using the browser’s built in search field feels more natural after years of complacent surfing, I will admit that has some benefits. Microsoft are hoping that users will discover not only via computers, but via Apple’s iDevice. They released an SDK which should help developers add Bing functionality to iPhone applications.

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iPhone the PC killer?


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While there are many contenders for iPhone killer, we seldom think what the impact of such an insurgence of smart phones in general and of the iPhone in particular will have on our lives in the future.

According to the research done by Morgan Stanley, the average iPhone user talks less than their regular cell-phone counterparts. At the same time, the average iPhone addict spends up to 50% more time using the phone!

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QuadCamera in Action – Apple’s finger poised to Shut or Release

News-Photography-QuadCamera-OS30-Revival-Icon.jpgThe drama is long over  – QuadCamera for 3.0 has been in the App Store now the better part of a month thanks to the efficient App Store approval team. So far, out of 100 reviews, the current version is predominantly valued by the numerical score of 5, and in the meantime, 2.0 version of the software has been given to Apple to approve. While QuadCamera isn’t the camera app for everyone, it seems to have the ability to inspire creativity in a vast number of people. For example, the below firework shot (from creator Takayuki Fukatsu’s Flickr portfolio) was taken with QuadCamera, showing the power of an emulated shutter burst.

Takaki Fukatsu, QuadCamera, 1.99$, 0.3 MB
QuadCamera - Multi shot

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Palm Heroes in Review – Heroes of Might & Magic in the palm of your hand


I remember the good old days in university… ah my Alma-mater! The insightful lectures, the engaging seminars… Yeah, right. More like the long boring sermonic chit chats from old fogies. And after classes we must have spent hours in the dorm huddled around an old PC playing Heroes of Might & Magic 3. It was and still is one the best games of all time and is the unrivaled party game up there with the great Worms series.

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All hail the “Jesus” phone! Palm Pre is the work of the Devil!

The excellent podcast “Attack of the Show” by I follow to keep up to date on general media-related news recently featured a hilarious bit about exorcising the Palm Pre demon girl, who keeps rambling about AT&T and the iPhone. I would rate this a definite must for any iPhone fan to watch!

Will Kevin’s Steve Jobs and Apple rituals help save this poor spokeswoman?

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Worms in Review – A Classic Re-Born On The iPlatform


Many many years ago, I encountered a game that at the time seemed rather amazing – a combat game that battled the mounting chaos of RTS games with elegant turn-based bombardment. This fun game enhanced its difficulty by using only projectile weapons, requiring the player to learn how to aim. Over the years it was remade and remodeled. Now 14 years later, on one of the newest platforms available, Team17 has reintroduced us to the glory that is Worms.

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iTube – the iPhone comes to Nokia’s 5800


Flattery is the sincerest form of mimicry. Er, um… sorry that is mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery. Anyway, Daily Mobile report on a switcheroo app called iTube which pulls the iPhone masque over the Nokia 5800’s ugly face. All you need is: 1. a Nokia 5800 and, 2. a secret iPhone envy. Those two things together, get ready for your new sleek new iPhone Nokia with its sleek shiny European operating system 😉

Follow the gap for a video of the flattering phone in action. Oh yes, and links to make the critical change to your Nokia.

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All the worse for the iPhone?


I know that after looking at worldwide sales figures for the iPhone (especially the 3GS), it’s not much of a stretch to imagine Steve Jobs looking something like the above money-mongering Scrooge. But for some of those companies that stand between the common folk and the McDucks at Apple, things aren’t going so well.

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The oPhone, iMichael Dell Phone – China’s ‘Me Too’ secret weapons


Perhaps ‘me too’ is too harsh an evaluation for the large makers, Lenovo and Dell, two companies who are respective giants in the Windows world. Dell, like Apple, began its life in a garage and now is one of the largest corporations in the world and Lenovo, who took over for IBM in 2005, continue to produce high-quality notebooks and PC’s. So, the groundwork is laid; both companies are great PC makers – if you’re into that sort of thing. But when it comes to sex appeal – perhaps I should rephrase that – or lack of sex appeal, both companies would be better off burning their design books. Dell never shook the garage feel and carbon monoxide appearance from its company, which despite great sales, has yet to make anything which is universally sexy. Lenovo? Their largest shareholder at 27% is the government of China. Not saying that governments cannot be sexy, but the word alone sends shivers of grey down my spine.

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Big in Japan part 2: iPhone 3GS takes July in bid for most popular calendar phone

News-3GS-big-in-japanNo, I will not officially reference the whole boobs in Japan article (whoops); I’d rather we spend a moment in silence. In July, the iPhone 3GS 32GB took top spot among all phones sold in Japan, ousting the popular and stodgy makers such as Sharp, Panasonic and Casio. According to Electronista, the 3GS succeeds where the 3G failed because of “features that bring its hardware up to par, like video capture and voice control”.

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