Apps to Replace your iDevice’s Preinstalled Applications


I know who you are. You are one of two people. Person number one has an unjailbroken iPhone and really despises the included Stock and Weather apps. He wishes to jailbreak his sacred device, but cherishes it too much to place the warranty at risk. So, how does he deal with apps that he never uses and cannot hide or remove? Well, he just leaves them on the last page of his iPhone/iPod Touch, thinking that he could forget about them forever. Think again. Person number two, on the other hand, has jailbroken it and is really happy he did so because now with SBSettings installed, he can hide the unwanted Voice Recorder app. After hiding those nasty preinstalled apps, you replaced them with better alternatives. Right? Don’t fret. Regardless of which person you are, the applications you will see in this post will make you wonder why Apple didn’t include these instead when they shipped the iDevice.

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Modern Combat: Sandstorm in Review – I’m Not Crying, I Just Got Sand In My Eyes

Having just recovered from the sheer awe of Gangstar, my sanity is threatened again by yet another awesome cat which Gameloft just pulled from the proverbial bag: Modern Combat: Sandstorm (MC: S). Saying MC: S is a FPS (first person shooter) with nice 3D graphics would be an understatement. MC: S is one of the most realistic App Store games to date; a game with a fantastic story line, voiceovers, amazing sound effects – saying that would just about cover the tip of the iceberg.

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Tumblebugs Preview – Bugging the hell out of marble shooters everywhere


Sleepless nights and whirling marble shooters do not mix well, but they are the fare by which I stay somewhat sober. Tumblebugs, a game which I am loath to call a Blackbeard clone, is a new game by Connect2Media and Tag Games which will have you spinning like mad. What 35 million PC users have already discovered is that it is fun, but not easy to save the bug world from the evil dominion of the black bug and his legions.

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Tech21’s D30 iBand – “Smack me on the Head” iPhone protection

D30, the ‘flubber’ like material which absorbs incredible amounts of undue impact has come to the iPhone and iPod touch in a rather new product called the iBand from Tech21, a company devoted to protecting technology. D30’s claim to fame is its excellent utility as lightweight, mouldable, protection for extreme sports such as motorcross, dirt jumping, and table tennis: which makes it perfect for the extreme life of an iPhone!

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Dark Nebula – Get ready for a bouncy new chapter in gaming

Dark Nebula, the brainchild of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat designer, Anders Hejdenberg, is a an episodic action game which is set to bounce into the App Store in late September. Its core gameplay is accelerometer-based, utilising tilt controls in order to evade a variety of objects. The trailer (mind the gap) illustrates excellent gameplay which will be hallmark in this title as is illustrated by Anders’ intent to “come up with a new game concept with a control mechanic that feels great on the device”.

Dark Nebula will be priced at 99 cents per each of its hour-long episodes.

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