Dahon’s iPhone Bike Mount and Biologic Reecharge

In the last couple of weeks, I have been bothered by no fewer than 14 people at my bike clubs who are looking for a good GPS for their bicycle. While a dedicated GPS unit might be okay, my eyes have been peeled for a way to safely use the iPhone as a GPS. Dahon, it seems, are a few steps ahead of me. Firstly, the iPhone’s excellent screen should make a great navigation device for bicycles, but as many of us roadies know, it gets wet out there. Fortunately, Dahon have kept the elements in mind when designing their products.

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Success Story in Review – Faaaaaaaast Food


In the high-glam world of fast-food restaurants, the hamburgers is and always will be king. But, it ain’t all fizzy drinks and fried potatoes in the land of the King. Something is amiss – at least in Success Story – a time-management game which pits you against customer’s demands, time, and physical resources. Part comic book, part match-up game, Success Story is a good romp through the land of grease and goodies.

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Silent Swords in Review – Don’t let this one sneak by


Stealth game. To some, those two words mean a world of suspense, where every move contributes to your destiny. Will you get caught, or will you persevere? To others, those words mean slow, boring action, coupled with endless trial and error. Fortunately, I fall into the first group, so when Silent Swords hit the App Store, I was all over it like Oprah on a cupcake*.

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Sales CRM EZi in Review – Sell the opportunity


Hola folks! As part of my vacation review I’m going to cover a little app that’s actually more word related. Figures, right? Anyway, back at work, there is this shifty department called Sales. No one actually knows what they do all day since usually the opportunities are passed down from the customers directly to us, but nevertheless, Sales exists. And tracking opportunities to sell something completely unusable to those poor blokes out there should be THEIR responsibility.

Why am I boring you with all of this? Well, it’s because today’s victim is a little program called Sales CRM EZi designed to help those guys in Sales keep track of their opportunities. Since I do everything (don’t we all?) including tracking customer opportunities I decided to take it out for a spin.
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iTwinge iPhone Keyboard – training wheels for the iPhone


Hang in till November this year if you are waiting to BlackBerry-ise your iPhone. Yes, you too can have buttons on your touchscreen, thanks to iTwinge, a removable keyboard ‘skin’ for your iPhone. The company behind the iTwinge, Mobile Mechatronics, promise that the keyboard and a bit of muscle memory will reduce errors by up to 80% for heavy texters and emailers who suffer from too much backspacing.
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Fetish without the stigma – Apple are hot for Koreans



A new app has raced into the App Store, driven by the famous race girl herself, Gyu-Ri Lee. Yup, she is a race-girl; you know, the type who at races waves the bits of cloth that should be covering her bits. The App Store has endured a virtual rainbow of borderline apps and currently, rushes to bolster its line by providing the discriminating pervert racially segregated fetish software. K-Girls is a suite of apps which retail for 1.99$ and caters to the bloke (or bloket) who cannot get enough of cute, pocketable Korean girls. By the way, she has 3 friends at the App Store.

TrueMobile Inc., K-Girls Gyu-Ri Lee, 1.99$, 21.6 MB
K-Girls(Gyu-Ri Lee)

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iPod touch 3G VS iPhone 3GS – trial of speed

iLounge posted a brilliantly unscientific test comparing the 3GS, 3G, Touch 2G and the new one – a test which moves me from the belly up. And, it should you too. Of course exempt is the new 8GB model which is a brilliant marketing rehash of last years model, though it lacks a few $$$ of unneeded weight. The verdict (as you will notice on the videos) is that the Touch 3G is faster than any other iDevice platform, even if by mere seconds.

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ChiPhone – the biggest news around the world – again


Ranked ‘third the nerd’ in landsize, China isn’t about to be outdone when kicking up a media storm – especially when regarding the iPhone, a product of the world’s fourth largest country, the USA. Japan, USA, a few others, and now Canada – the world is awake, with arms stretched up, praying for the salvation of Chinese souls as the divine Jesus phone divinely descends upon the world’s oldest and largest civilisation.

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Freefall – FreeBSD exploit uncovered

FreeBSD, the code upon which the Darwin core of OSX (Mac and iDevice) is based has suffered an exploit which allows users with limited permissions to gain full root access. Of course, to trigger the exploit, you will have to be good with black and white, a keyboard, software hacking, and have some sort of limited privileges already. Przemyslaw Frasunek, an independent security consultant from Poland, said that versions from 6.0 to the popular 6.4 are vulnerable while 7.1 and beyond are not.
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