iOS 6.1 Security Hole Found: Access phone module from locked screen


Remember the major security hole found in iOS 4.1 from a few years back that would allow someone to access your contacts even though the phone was locked with a passcode? Well it appears someone has figured out another way to exploit a serious flaw in iOS 6.1 that would enable them to have access to your phone module – where they can then view/edit contacts and make calls. As per Gizmodo:

First you have to pretend to turn the phone off, then make an aborted emergency call, then a quick bit of off button and cancel pressing. That boots you into the full phone app where you can pretty much call or message anyone you like.

Until Apple patches this in a future update, your safest best is to keep your iPhone close by 24/7. Check out the video on how the hack is done after the break.

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iOS 6 is now available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Apple’s latest mobile operating system – iOS 6 – is finally available to the masses. Available either as a download over-the-air and directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (go to Settings –> General –> Software Update), or by plugging it into your computer and updating via iTunes, iOS 6 contains over 200 new features, including Apple’s all-new maps app, Passbook, an improved Siri and more. We previous posted about its most notable new additions, as well as a list of features that are/aren’t compatible with older iDevices. For the complete scoop on the latest OS, hit Apple’s iOS 6 page, or start updating your iPhone/iPad to see first hand all the new goodies that are included.

5 Years of the iPhone: 250 million units shipped and $150 Billion in Revenue

With a blink of an eye, the iPhone will turn 5 this week. First officially launched in the US on June 29, 2007, the iPhone entered the mobile phone market at a time when RIM and Palm (remember the Palm Treo?) were still at the top of their game. To mark the occasion, research firm Strategy Analytics have gathered some staggering numbers in their latest report: 250 million iPhones shipped and $150 billion in revenue for Apple.

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The gTar uses the iPhone to teach you how to Jam

gTar - Guitar made for iPhoneIf you’ve just started out learning how to play the guitar (or it’s something you’ve always wanted to do), this Kickstarter project is definitely worth keeping an eye on. Dubbed the gTar, this Digital Guitar was designed to work in unison with your iPhone, teaching you how to play songs with a fretboard that lights up. It’s similar in concept to the Fretlight Guitar, but now with the added convenience of having the notes and songs imported over from the iPhone and gTar app. Here’s how it works:

While most guitars have pickups to amplify the sound of vibrating strings, the gTar has none – instead, we’ve designed the gTar with sensors that detect exactly what you’re playing in real-time and relay each note to your iPhone, which then produces the actual sound.

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Tether back for iPhone, now as an HTML5 app

iTether, the iPhone app that was released last November and subsequently pulled from the App Store for being a “burden to the carrier network”, is now back for the iPhone — this time as an HTML5 app, and thus bypassing Apple’s approval process. Now simply called Tether, the service lets users tether their Windows/Mac laptops to their cellphone data plan via an Adhoc wireless network. This is especially handy for those without a jailbroken iPhone and/or wish to avoid any potential carrier fees associated with tethering.

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Flipboard now available for iPhone and iPod Touch

Flipboard, a highly popular social magazine app for the iPad, has finally made it ways onto the iPhone.

Named Apple’s iPad App of the year and one of TIME’s Top 50 Innovations, Flipboard creates a personalized magazine out of everything being shared with you, from Instagram photos and Facebook updates to Tumblr posts and articles from your favorite publications. Fill Flipboard with the things you like to read, from the smallest blogs to publications like Rolling Stone or Vanity Fair, and use Instapaper or Read It Later to save articles to read later. Connect Flipboard to all your social networks, and you’ll have a single place to enjoy, browse, comment on and share all the news, photos and updates that matter to you.

The eagerly awaited iPhone app also includes a brand new feature only exclusive to the iPhone and iPod Touch – Cover Stories. With Cover Stories, you can quickly browse the most interesting articles and photos being shared with you right now. It’ll apparently get “smarter” every time you use and interact with it. Like the iPad version, Flipboard is completely free to download. Flipboard’s new iPhone ad and more can be found below.

Update: If you’re having troubles building your first Flipboard and receiving the “Couldn’t build your Flipboard. Please check your internet connection and try again.”, you’re not alone. A number of people are also having difficulties getting started. It’s possible that the Flipboard servers are hammered at the moment with the influx of new iPhone users. Hopefully this is won’t last too long and that you’ll be able to actually use the app shortly.

Flipboard Flipboard Inc., Flipboard, – Free

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Photojojo iPhone SLR Mount turns your iPhone into Nikon or Canon mirrorless camera

Photojojo’s new iPhone SLR Mount may just turn  your iPhone into the elusive (and rumoured) Canon/Nikon mirrorless camera system. It is a case, threaded filter ring, extension tube with aperture coupling and included Nikon or Canon mount. It is fair to guess that since the lenses share no electronic coupling with the iPhone itself, you’ll have to meter, guess at apertures, and experiment like the very oldest of days. Thankfully, you’ll have at least 8GB of space to do it with as the iPhone SLR Mount works with the iPhone 3G/3GS or iPhone 4. A tripod mount fits the butt of your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3G/3GS, but the weight of the entire unit with a lens might be a stretch for the Turtle Back (the threaded mount) unless you use a Voigtlander pancake.

Hit the gap for more from Photojojo.

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1 Million iPhones sold in South Korea since November 2009

Just in case you didn’t know, South Korea finally opened its economic borders in 2009. In April, the country finally allowed the first foreign mobile phones into the country. Yes, you read that right: Korea was locked into Korean-only handsets till 2009, a fact that was indicated no more clearly than the completely bass-ackward ergonomics of their handset. In November of the same year, South Korea also opened up to smart phones and later allowed the iPhone into the political island. Yes, you read that correctly – every single legal handset in the country was just that, a dumb phone. Now, after only 9 months on the market, the iPhone has sold 1 million units. In a highly populated nation like South Korea, it’s its easy to bump into iPhone users. 45 million people live in a space smaller than Iceland. A few weeks ago, Korea made the news again with incredible iPhone 4 pre-orders. If anything, we’re starting to see the shackles of anti-competitive industry fall off this nation – hooray!

Thanks Yonhap News