How to Prevent Your Smartphone from Getting a Virus

When smartphones first came out, it was pretty rare for them to get a virus. But hackers simply needed some time to catch up with the rapidly growing platform. Unfortunately, now they have caught up, smartphone users can be susceptible to attacks if they’re not careful. The sad news for Android users is that their phones are considerably more at risk to viruses than iPhones. That said, iPhones certainly aren’t exempt from malware. The idea that hackers can’t infiltrate Apple products was disproved years ago. So, how do you protect your smartphone from viruses that could put your private and precious data in the wrong hands? Here are five suggestions to help protect your phone from harm:

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D-Day for iPhone: SMS Hijack Crack


Yesterday, 30 July evidently was D-Day for what could be the biggest security risk yet seen n Apple’s iPhone. The vulnerability was discovered by Charlie Miller and Collin Mulliner (恐ろしい), who advise that any user who finds an SMS message which contains a sole square character should immediately turn their phone off. Apple have yet to patch this vulnerability which could allow, “someone [to] pretty quickly take over every iPhone in the world”.

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