OLED coming to Tablet and 3rd Gen iPhone and iPod Touch?

Thanks Computerworld Blog

Image Courtesy of Computerworld Blog

BoyGenius cannot stop hyping up of objects that no one needs ;). Today their ninja’s report that the next iDevice may sport another buzzword: OLED screens. Indeed, not only does the rumour specify OLED for the iPhone but OLED for the yet unborn Netbook or tablet which has been stirring Apple zealots for many years.

According to Smarthouse, “Apple already have working prototype of a new Netbook which will be manufactured in Taiwan with the OLED screen supplied by LG”. This contrasts with earlier reports that Wintek would be manufacturing the screens for Apple. LG are purported to be working on a special OLED touchscreen that does away with fingermarks even after constant use.

Of course, release of a next-generation iPod and iPhone is not news or a rumour in itself. Apple tend to release redesigns fn their iPod and iPhone family once per year with updates to the capacity on a sometimes more frequent schedule. iDevice fans, this year may so far be great for rumours, but it also may out some great new products from Apple.

Updated: No Commitment iPhone Coming to God’s Country? Yes

nocontractiphoneBoygenius, the ever rumouring website who brought us such ponderings as the 99 dollar iPhone are churning out some new butter. Apparently, they have received information that AT&T will be clearing iPhone inventory and to do so, will offer no-commitment iPhones. The 8GB phone will go for a measely 599$ while the larger 16GB phone will be available for 699$. In addition to being free from a money-grubbing AT&T contract, it  will not require activation but rather necessitate the purchaser to already be an AT&T customer.

What this means is that you can now woo that special someone with the purchase of an iPhone. Call it bride price if you will, but AT&T have only limited ways of ensuring sales go to prior AT&T customers so this ain’t no shotgun weddin’.

UPDATE: Next Thursday, the no commitment iPhone will go on sale at price points of 599$ and 699$ for the 8GB and 16GB respectively. Thanks for the update Yahoo! Finance. The down part? Those of you not on AT&T will either have to saw off your foot and pay contract ending fees or otherwise just pony up to AT&T for a contract. Well, at least you can get an iPhone without a contract… and then have to pay contract to use it… yay for freemarket economies!