Chuck Norris improves your iPhone 4 reception!

So Apple spends millions of dollars on the Free iPhone 4 Case Program as a result of the much publicized reception issues, when all they really needed to do was include a photo of Chuck Norris with every purchase (need proof? check out the video above). Who’d have ever guessed that the man who once fought Bruce Lee could have such an impact on the iPhone as well. If a wallpaper of Chuck on your phone has the same effect, that’d probably be better than waving his mugshot all over the place every time you need to make a call…

[iphonedownloadblog via iPhoneinCanada]

Death Grip issue finally solved with the release of Air Phone No 4

Ok, we know that the Chinese are a crafty bunch; literaly days after the Gizmodo iPhone 4 leak you could get almost an exact replica of it in China. Now that the iPhone 4 has been available officially for a few months, the quality of the fakes was bound to get even better. But how much better I couldn’t have guessed until I saw this excellent video review of China’s latest grab at the cell phone market – the Air Phone No 4.

This miracle of modern technology addresses almost all complains about the original iPhone 4, including a plastic rim – hence no deathgrip issues – as well as support for two sim cards, replaceable batteries and support for flash cards.

Video and tech specs after the gap.

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Weak iPhone 4 Reception? Papermaster off Apple’s team

Rumors are swirling around the unexpected departure of Mark Papermaster, Apple’s Senior VP of Devices Hardware Engineering.

An IBM stalwart before moving to Apple, Papermaster worked in the company from 1998-2008 where he served as Vice President of the blade server division. His controversial exit from IBM became the subject of a court case which was ruled on the scope and validity of the ‘non-compete’ clause in his employment contract with IBM.

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Banned iPhone 4 antenna commercial [video]

Just when you thought you’ve seen the last of the iPhone 4 antenna spoofs (see Darth Vader calling AppleCare), the guys over at JLE Productions have taken another stab at the iPhone 4’s reception issues. This is actually their third release after the Banned iPhone 4 and iPad promos and it’s one of the funniest Apple parodies out there. If you missed it earlier and want a good laugh, head on inside for the full vids.

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The truth behind the recent Apple-related events, uncovered by Taiwanese TV

Apple (aka Jobs Vader) pays Jason Chen a visit

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If so, a video must be worth a million. And this one really IS; even without English subtitles or voice-overs, you should have no troubles following along. Finally, a quick and simple (albeit painful) answer to the iPhone 4 reception issues. You really have to hand it to those Taiwanese… Video after the gap!

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Apple posts Antenna Performance webpage

Some of you maybe pleased with yesterday’s announcement of free Bumper Cases for every iPhone 4 purchased, while others may have felt that Apple did not do enough to address the reception issues. With much at stake, and 17 more countries selling the iPhone 4 come July 30th, Apple has posted a page dedicated to antenna performance - one aimed at showing all current and potential owners that signal lose in smartphones (depending on how it’s held) is unavoidable. Images and videos demonstrating a drop in signal strength for the BlackBerry Bold 9700, HTC Droid Eris, Samsung Omnia II as well as the iPhone 4 and 3GS are included in the webpage.

And to show the world that they do in fact test antenna performance on all their products, Apple has also posted some info on their very impressive antenna design and test labs. More than $100 million has gone into this state-of-the-art facility and you can bet that the iPhone 4 had gone through all sorts of testing right here before being launched.

If all this recent drama has raised some doubts about buying an iPhone 4, perhaps checking out these two webpages will help make your decision a little easier.

Apple Press Conference: No iPhone 4 recall. Free Bumper Cases until Septemper 30

Apple’s highly anticipated press conference to address the iPhone 4’s reception issues is now over and according to Steve Jobs, the entire fiasco was completely blown out of proportion.  He made it a point that signal issues (depending on how you hold it) are prevalent on all smartphones and not just on the iPhone. Surprisingly, only 0.55% of iPhone 4 users have called AppleCare to voice their concerns and AT&T’s return rates for early shipments was only 1.7% (compared to 6% for the 3GS). As such, there will be no recall – as some have speculated – but rather, Apple will be giving away a free Bumper Case for every iPhone 4 purchased through September 30th. For those who already bought one, they’ll be given a refund. And since Apple won’t be able to manufacture enough of these in time, other cases will be sourced and buyers will have a choice to the one they want.

Antenna issues aside, Jobs also shared that the White iPhone 4 will begin shipping by the end of July. More importantly, the next wave of iPhone 4 releases will not be affected and 17 countries (including Australia, Canada, HK, Italy etc) will begin selling the phone on July 30th.

Are you satisfied with Apple’s decision to give out free cases for every purchase? Personally, I didn’t think that a recall was going to happen, so this offer was their next best move. Nicely done Jobs.

The entire Press Conference (+ Q&A session) can be found on Engadget’s live blogging event.

Update: You can now watch the entire Press Conference via Apple website.

Apple to hold Press Conference this Friday to address iPhone 4

Amid its worse PR disaster in recent memory, Apple will be holding a press conference tomorrow, July 16th, at 10AM Pacific Time to presumably address the reception issues of the iPhone 4. This comes several days after Consumer Report wouldn’t recommend the phone, despite ranking it as the best smartphone on the market. It’ll be certainly be interesting to see what course of action Apple has decided to take before things get even more out of hand. Some have even speculated that a full-blown recall is a possibility, though this may not be likely as ATD have reported that such a recall will cost Apple about $1.5 billion, which is 5 weeks worth of Apple’s free cash flow. Or perhaps they’ll simply offer free Bumper Cases to all iPhone 4 owners, which would be a much less drastic step to take (one can always hope).

We’ll soon find out won’t we, just how Apple plans to salvage this mess.

[via BGR]

Letterman: 10 Signs you’ve purchased a bad iPhone

Despite being the most successful product launch ever for Apple, the iPhone 4 is still getting bashed left and right – this time by late night host David Letterman and his top 10 list of “Signs You’ve Purchased a bad iPhone”. The top 10 isn’t actually that funny, but he does have this to offer:

“There’s something hinky about the new iPhone. There’re not hooked up right, there’s a problem with the signal sensor, there’s a problem with the antenna. They don’t like to be held… like my first wife”.

Ouch. And while the bashing continues, there are those who say that the iPhone 4’s reception isn’t as bad as it appears. Regardless, Letterman’s top 10 can be found after the gap…

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