Nano Rally in Review – Small Cars, Big Race


You know those things in life that you always want to try, but never really get the time to make it work? When I first saw Sauce Digital’s Nano Rally, I knew that I had to try it out. Simply put, I always wanted to race remote-controlled cars around the many layers of obstacles of a house. Sadly, I didn’t have any remote controlled vehicles or much house (let alone layers of obstacles) to bump around in. Needless to say, this game piqued my interest. Nano-sized racecars cruising around everyday household objects – sounds good to anyone else?

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Artificial Life and Red Bull Racing – Official F1 Racing game for the iDevice


For adrenaline fans, today is a loaded day. Not only have Assyria Game Studio announced Future Racer, but Artificial Life unveiled their partnership with Red Bull in creation of an official F1 game for the iDevice which comes with a 2-year exclusive-partnership. Nerds who read TMA are likely sucking down the last of their Red Bull now as the morning clock dips toward half-four, but Red Bull are obviously serious about keeping other things up, like speedometres and heart rates. Look for this game in the latter part of 2009 and for further details below:

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