6 Must Have Photography Apps for the iPhone

By Summer Delaney, Grovo Guest Blogger

It’s no secret that photo apps and platforms are the next big social media movement.  With Facebook’s acquiring of Instagram last month for $1 billion, more and more photo services are continuing to be developed to meet the demanding needs of new consumers ranging from all ages, demographics and occupations.  Here are six applications that can be useful to anyone regardless of profession or hobbies that can either be used with existing apps like Instagram or independently.

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Review: Transfer Pictures & Photos Wirelessly between iDevices – Redux


Photo Sender MediaTransfer PhotoSync

A few months ago I reviewed three nice universal apps that streamline the transfer of photos between iDevices and your desktop (see TMA review). Since then I’ve kept my eyes open and found a few more which are also noteworthy. These are quite different apps from each other with unique features that you might find appealing.

Photo Sender – Similar to the previously reviewed Photo Transfer app. What makes it stand out is its ability to add some simple effects plus do in-app down-sizing for quicker transfers.

MediaTransfer – Perfect for the person who takes lots of snapshots and just wants to periodically dump new ones to a folder his or her computer without any fuss — and it’s FAST!

PhotoSync – Lots of options and a very nice user interface. The best transfer app I’ve seen for sending and receiving photos and videos between devices and other services.

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iPhone Photography – iPhoneography


You don’t need to tote the latest SLR, the right lenses, a smattering of know-how, and maintain a good eye to take great photographs. Enthusiastic users are turning out their pockets for the iPhone 3GS, which coupled with a few good photography apps, makes an excellent camera. iPhoneography is a website dedicated to those users who want more out of their phone than the odd game or lingerie shot. Thanks to such users, the world about us is becoming ever more illuminated.

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