An update on the OS 4.0 for the iPhone 2G

The fittingstorm project page has recently been updated with some exciting news – while working on porting the iPhone 3G version of the OS 4.0 to the original iPhone, the team has also had success in unlocking features only available to the later versions of the iPhone, like (drum roll) Bluetooth A2DP and peer-to-peer protocols. According to the developers, they do not expect any delays and are targeting the release of the final version in June, together with the official OS 4.0 release.

Check out their update and video message after the gap.

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iPhone OS 4.0 to include iChat?

Rumour have, rumour will – whatever. It seems that evidence for Apple’s own binary chat app, iChat, to have some level of support in OS 4.0 is mounting. Apple never ever reveal everything about upcoming software or hardware so the possibility that iChat functionality is among the 100 new features of the new OS is high.

The iPhone 4G may have a front facing camera and even a hi-res screen. In other words, worried spouses over at Apple are hoping beyond hope to find out where their husbands/wives spend those late evening ‘overtime hours’.

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iPhone OS 4.0 beta 1 jailbreak now available – but probably not a very good idea for most

With the first beta of iPhone OS 4.0 released just over a week ago, I think the hot topic topic for many has been the question of jailbreak. While there has not been any doubts that it would be jailbroken in the end (MuscleNerd showed off a jailbreak roughly a day after the initial release), I don’t think anyone actually expected a generally available jailbreak any time before the final summer release.

Guess what, there is one already! The Dev-Team have released a BETA version of their redsn0w 0.9.5 tool capable of jailbreaking an iPhone 3G. At the moment the package works on the following:

  • iPhone 3G only (for now)
  • Mac OSX only (for now)
  • the 4.0beta1 FW only (for now)

I have to make a special emphasis: the jailbreak is aimed at iPhone developers only and REQUIRES a properly-registered developer UDID with Apple to get past the activation screen. For the same reasons it does not support Windows, unlock or hacktivation.

What do we, common users, care? Actually – a lot! The generally available jailbreak means developers can start adapting their jailbroken apps for the new OS immediately (rather than waiting for the official summer release) and should considerably shorten the time we will have to wait to get them fully working on our brand new JB OS 4.0 iPhones!

You can find the full Dev-Team explanation after the gap, as well as instructions on what to do in case you upgraded to OS 4.0 beta 01 already and wish to downgrade.

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iPhone OS 4.0: Unified Inbox, threaded messages and other enhancements

Aside from multitasking and folders support in OS 4.0, the mail app on your iPhone and iPod Touch will receive some great new additions. First and foremost is the Unified Inbox. This will mean that users can soon have all their mail in one inbox. That’s right, no more tapping your screen hundreds of times in order to jump to the next email account. For those with multiple accounts, this can save loads of time.

Threaded messages (where emails between all parties are saved in a “conversation” format)  will also be part of the new OS. As a Gmail user myself, I’m definitely liking this feature and it should eliminate all the needless vertical scrolling when attempting to find that 10th email from the same sender. And aside from being able to have more than one Exchange account, users will soon be able to open received attachments with a 3rd party app from the App Store. Business users who’re constantly on the road or those who receive lots of files in a particular format will benefit most from this new option. Overall, the new mail enhancements are a much welcomed addition to OS 4.0.

iPhone OS 4.0: Folder support for app organization

Another great new feature of the upcoming OS 4.0 is the ability to create Folders right from your iPhone. No longer will users have to jailbreak their iPhones and iPod Touches just for folder management (via Cydia app Categories). Sure, iTunes 9 did give us some control over app arrangement, but sorting apps and games into their own folders just makes much more sense.

To create a folder in 4.0, simply tap and hold an app until it jiggles. All you need to do next is drag that app on top of another and a folder will automagically be created. The OS will even rename the folder based on the categories of these apps/games, or you can simply create your own name. Folders can be dragged around on any springboard page and also be placed in the dock at the bottom of your screen. Currently, you’re only allowed to have 180 apps on your iPhone. With 4.0, over 2000 is possible thanks to folders.

iPhone OS 4.0 to bring Multitasking

After months of rumors and insider info floating around the web, it’s now official: Multitasking will be coming to iPhone OS 4.0. While it shouldn’t come as  a surprise, it is still a relief to finally hear it from the man himself. To quote Jobs, “Now we weren’t the first to this party, but we’re gonna be the best. Just like cut and paste”. Damn right!

With multitasking, users will now be able to keep multiple apps running in the background. Want to listen to music while you receive turn-by-turn instructions from your GPS app? Done. Or what receiving a skype call WHILE you’re playing your favorite game? Check that too.

To switch between apps, you simply double click on the Home Button, which will then bring up a dock-like menu displaying apps that are running. You can scroll through the list, pressumably by sliding it left or right. And to combat potential battery and performance issues, Apple are providing 7 mulitasking services as APIs to developers. They’ll come in the form of:

  • Background Audio
  • Voice over IP
  • Background Location
  • Push Notifications
  • Local Notifications
  • Task Completion
  • Fast app switching

Unfortunately, it appears that iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G users will not reap the fruits of multitasking from OS 4.0. It’s likely that the “dated” hardware will not keep up with all the sweet action under the hood. Jobs did say that older iDevices (such as the 3G) will run many things on 4.0, just not multiple apps in the background. So for all those who yearn multitasking, will it be enough to upgrade to a 3GS, iPod Touch 3G or even the upcoming iPhone 4G?

iTunes Connect Developer Guide updated – iPhone OS 4.0 release imminent?

Most developers are probably already aware of this, but this morning Apple updated the iTunes Connect Developer Guide – the handbook for using iTunes Connect. Among other miscellaneous fixes it includes:

  • Enhanced instructions on creating Demo Accounts;
  • An explanation of the “New Territories as Added” checkbox;
  • Revised app description character count recommendation based on the new design of App Product pages on the App Store;
  • Additional information on export compliance.

More juice after the gap:

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iPhone OS 4.0 spilled in iPhone Dev Programme

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Engadget has happened on a wonderful something somethin’. Evidently in a rush to prepare for today’s Apple Event, Apple have spilled the cat soup on the next version of the iPhone’s OS. The note which is viewable at Apple’s Developer agreement reads, “Need to update this for the 27th launch”. Well, that is cute – either devs will get a hint of the next Apple candy, or Apple have pulled another smear the leak campaign. Whatever it is, all will be revealed in a few short hours as Apple’s 27 January event is launched. The sad part of course is that both Apple and faithful rumourists will have to face reality as the new software or hardware either: lives up to expectations, or is trounced by them.

[via Engadget]