Updated: OS 3.0 Available in Canada

news-iphoneos30Just watching a re-make of the Babylon 5 pilot episode (not really that good at all) and I got this tidbit when my iPod Touch plugged in for a bit of juice. According to iTunes, the download can take up to 30 minutes on a ‘typical broadband connection’. After agreeing to the upgrade, I had to agree to two sets of rules and regulations, but things are going smoothly.

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OS 3.0 To Get You Paid – Commission on App Recommendations to Hit iPhone’s Next $oftware Update?

iphone-3g-dollar-signThe iPhone has made a few people really rich and even fewer people filthy. If only we could all taste that freedom. According to an article at Business week, the end-user who recommends his/her apps to a friend might get a little something in return. While Apple aren’t unzipping their lips about this or other unannounced functions, there is a definite hoard of untapped features just waiting for devs, users and hopefully, hackers to discover.

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First iTunes-Powered Ballistic Missiles spotted in Apple’s TOS – Steve Says ‘Up Yours’ to Militant iPod Users

news-itunes-tos-gizmodoThese days, Apple are demanding a lot from their users. Even back in their Golden Years, they demanded that mac users learn how to use a mouse, which quickly evolved into easy-to-use computering and later, forced adoption of the fast, well volted firewire. Recently, we have had to say goodbye to firewire, usable usb ports, removeable batteries and lastly, impunity to create weapons from our DRM-free songs in the iTunes Store.

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3rd iPhone Software Possibilities Heat UP! Magnometer and Video-In Demos

iHologram – iPhone application from David OReilly on Vimeo.

It is no mean feat when Apple decide upon adding truly unique features to the iPhone which has been passed off by naysayers as underpowered, incapable and lacking a customary camera-phone feature. The recently rumoured magnometer and video recording features are being hyped by various sources including a Nokia blog and recent posts at TouchArcade suggest stunning new gaming and utility functions not possible with current hardware/software.

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Sincere Mimicry: Sincere Competition – Sony’s iPhone Wannabe, the PSP 2

Image courtesy of Slashgear

Image courtesy of Slashgear

Mimicry is the highest form of flattery or, in some cases, competition. This time, a cheap Chinese knock-off company trying to grab headlines is not our subject, but rather one of the Goliath’s of portable gaming: Sony. According to PocketGamer, an inside source has admitted Sony’s chagrine at lately being eclipsed by the brouhaha riddled iPhone – considering the iPhone’s gaming success and first rate online store, this is hardly an eye-blinker.

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Happy Tuesday: OS 3.0 Preview – Updated

Thank you Engadget

In less than a half-hour, 10AM PST or 1PM here in Toronto, Apple will be showcasing a public preview of their iPhone OS 3.0 software which has yet an unspecified release date. Such previews are necessary not only to keep user hype at peak levels and fan websites busy, but to help developers famiarise themselves with upcoming features of the OS which will impact their applications.

Though there is uncertainty as to whether tethering and MMS will actually be delivered in OS 3.0, we have certain hope that copy and paste will finally grace our small screens. With those simple implementations, Apple could take the bite out of naysayer’s mouths in one fell swoop. But then again, Apple thrive on controversy.

TouchMyApps will have plenty to say today about the upcoming OS as our interest is as peaked as a bore-hole in a change room.

For many users, the inclusion of the following will be welcome:

Cut and Paste




Landscape Mode

and many more features especially aimed at the developer.

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Premium Apps, iPhone OS 3.0 = Introduction of the Tablet?

Thanks Computerworld Blog

Thanks Computerworld Blog

Computerworld blog reckon that the 3.0 sneak peak may have connections with the rumoured premium App Store Apps as well as Apple’s highly anticipated tablet. Why would these premium apps connect with the tablet? Resolution. The tablet is currently rumoured to be a 10-inch touch panel produced by Wintek. Those 10 inches would boast a far higher resolution than the current 480*320 of today’s iPhone and iPod Touch allowing for a break from mere thumb-driven input.

Whether these new premium apps will be games or productivity apps – all is conjecture until actual announcement, however with the new screen real estate, Apple’s device would drive a market for more expensive and higher quality applications. Would Apple skip over the Netbook market entirely for an Apple designed tablet? If they can retain a usable in/out array (complete with firewire) a tablet would be the perfect device for road warriors, pirates, ninjas and barbarians – bring it on Apple.

Tabloid Tuesday Details: iPhone OS 3.0 to Do Laundry Too – Copy and Paste

Thank you Engadget

Remember when the iPhone was just a phone that could edge around the internet and rub shoulders with web apps? Well, that was 1.0. Tuesday will still be 2.0 era but will challenge the faithful as to whether Apple are still a consumer-oriented company or are just giving the finger to the consumer as they showcase some features from 3.0.

How big will the jump to 3 be? Before 2.0, you would have never imagined that the iPhone could fart, burp, help tidy up your electric bill or stop the deamons of Hell from bombarding Heaven. Tuesday, 17 March will prove that Apple are still faithful to the faithful. Forget what you believe about rumours being ill until proven.

The iPhone will have copy and paste. According to Kevin Rose of Digg, it will be an extension of the magnifying glass where the user double taps a word and then places quotes around selected text to copy, cut and paste. But that is not all – we have reason to believe that finally, tethering and MMS will arrive at our lovely phone and a hand-dryer function for laundry on the run. Oh yeah, but we will have to wait till 4.5.6 or 5.0 for background apps.

iPhone OS 3.0 – Preview coming 17 March!

Thank you EngadgetThank you Engadget

Yep, Engadget spake and so it will happen. Apple will show and ‘advanced preview’ of the new 3.0 operating software, so we should probably not get our hopes up for a brand new OS by the end of March. However, those who are good at praying should join me in spiritually ushering in this new OS ahead of schedule.

Engadget will get a sneak peak at the new SDK and of the new OS. Make sure your heads are not in the mud that day as Apple Faithful the world over will have new reason to cry from both joy and disappointment.

So, what features are you hoping for in this new release?