OS 3.1.3 FREE for iPod touch users

Preamble: One of the most frustrating times for all of the owners of the iPod Touch is when Apple release a new OS version which requires money. Till now, there have been 3 such pay-to-play updates, costing owners up to 30$. Thanks to this, a significant percentage of the iPod Touch owners still run the good old 2.2.1.

Declaration: Well, iPod touch owners rejoice! Apple have finally waived the upgrade fee starting with iPhone OS 3.1.3. If you have been stuck with 2.2.1, either waiting for new hardware, or for a better allowance, your wait is over. You can download 3.1.3, enjoy all the features of 3.0, and not pay a dime. Of course, 3.1.3 isn’t yet Jailbreaked, so if you really want Cydia or Rock apps, you will have to wait a while, but at least OS 3.x is available for nothing!

If you are a hacker or just a geek, you can check out all free firmware updates here

iForesee iPhone 4G…



Some say rumours travel faster than light. While there is no actual way to prove this, the whole Apple community lives and thrives on them. It even seems to have found a way to actually harness the power of rumours to stay afloat. And now, following the recent appearance of the possibly hi-res iPhone 4G (iPhone 3,1) in Apple’s firmware, the future versions of the OS have been spotted in the wild as well. All of this may also point to the iSlate.

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