Stem Innovation introduces the Time Command Mini dock for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Stem, a tech company specializing in gadgets and accessories for iOS devices, has launched the Time Command Mini, one of the smallest (and smartest looking I’ve seen) alarm clock docks for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Aside from being able to playback music from your own library, the Mini can be used together with the free Stem:Connect app to offer a host of alarm based features. Users can set calendar-based alarms with repeat functionality, check out local weather info, and choose custom alarm tunes or music from your device. For added convenience, app-set alarms are automatically transferred from the iDevice to the Mini upon docking. There’s even a unique dock pivoting connector that supports iPhones or iPads regardless of whether they’re in a protective case or not (most cases are supported).

The Time Command Mini is available now at Apple retail stores (US & Canada) or it can be purchased directly from Stem. Full press release after the break.

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The do-it-all iPhone Spiderpodium Dock

Spiderpodium Dock with a nice catch

Get a grip. Walk your iPhone. iCatch your iPhone …or something like that. I’m not a marketer, but I wonder what sort of marketing campaign breffo launched or will launch for the intriguing Spiderpodium Dock. It’s basically a foldable seat/cradle/carriage/jail cell for any of the iDevices and I’ve my eyes set on this accessory. And, its shower stool-like tail end has got a 30-pin connector-shaped port. Yep, you can plug your lappy, line out, headphone amp, and even DAC into your iDevice without breaking the spider’s scary death grip.

Actually, TMA should be reviewing it in the next month or so, so hang on. The best part, especially after getting used to many overpriced options is that its 1995 pennies are shy of so much of the competition.

Lots of photos and info after the gap:

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