Swipe to Kill: Designing An HTML5 Mobile Game


Fancy yourself a game developer, but don’t know where to start?  Looking for development tools with little monetary overhead that support multiple mobile platforms?  Do you like match 3 / RPG style games?  Gregory Ellis might just have the solution for you… if you’re willing to help give his project a bit of a Kickstart!  The name of the game is Swipe To Kill, and the goal behind the project is for the developer to provide a complete tutorial along with fully documented source code so you can develop your own game of this style in no time flat.  Since the format of choice is HTML5, CSS and JavaScript there’s nothing to buy unless you want a special editor that supports the syntax for these common web development paradigms, and you could probably even find a few of those for free as well.  To find out what you can do to support this developer’s aspirations check out the Kickstarter page here: Swipe to Kill: HTML5 Mobile Game & Development Tutorial.

Interview with iCrowdApps – Get Paid for your App Ideas

In the past, we’ve posted several iPhone development articles that ranged from learning how to get started with iOS programming, or for those who are allergic to coding, finding that right developer for that app project. But what if you neither want to become an iPhone developer or have the need to hire a dev to create an app? What if you simply have an idea that you want turned into quick and easy cash?

This is where iCrowdApps come into play. Fairly new to the iDevice arena, this small team of individuals want your brilliant app ideas and they’re willing to pay you $500 for simply submitting them. Of course, they won’t just pay you for any idea; they have to be something that truly stands out and potentially worth investing their time and money in. And recently, Ted Kao from iCrowdapps was nice enough to join me in a Q&A for TMA readers and give us a little more insight into his company.

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iPhone Development: Developing Apps for Fun and Profit – Part 2

Hi again. This is Jesse Waites here, Founder and CEO of Beacon Hill Apps. Last week we discussed choosing the right app idea to pull the trigger on [Developing Apps for Fun and Profit – Part 1]. This week, we’re going to discuss the process of finding the right app developer for your project.

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iPhone Development: Developing Apps for Fun and Profit – Part 1

Hi everyone- Jesse Waites here, Founder and CEO of Beacon Hill Apps. We are based in Boston and make iOS and Android apps for individuals and corporations. As a developer with experience in dealing with clients, I was asked to write a guest post about helping regular people bring their app concepts to reality. There are a few technical and legal hurdles that you, as an app developer, will have to go through to make it happen, but no worries – I’m an expert and I’ve got you covered.

Now that the app sales ecosystem has been around for a few years, it seems apparent that the smartphone software industry is here to stay. New platforms and devices are still launching (looking at you, Windows 7 phone), so clever folks that are attentive to the marketplace can still do very well for themselves. Whether you sell it for 99 cents or give it away for free and collect ad revenue, there is a very good chance that your app will be profitable, especially if you can keep a few things in mind.

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iPad 101: iAnnotate PDF on Stanford’s Med School Course List

Apple recently announced a trial program that integrates the iPad into academics wherein educational institutions will now be able to buy apps in bulk through iTunes. It’s not surprising, then, that Stanford Medical School is poised to take the plunge. Stanford University is a staunch supporter of Apple’s education initiatives and last year began teaching iPhone app development courses for free to its students.

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Dapp In Review – Slap Your App Together In A Snap!

With all the apps that I’ve used and/or reviewed, it’s given me a bit of an itch to try my hands at designing one myself. One major thing that has been holding me back is just figuring out where and how to start. Luckily for me (and those in the same boat) developers Froggie have put together Dapp. Described as a “rapid application development tool”, Dapp will help you design your vision as well as generate actual iPhone code from your mock ups.

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GetAppQuotes – Call it eBay for iPhone Development

Chico, California – Call it eBay for iPhone development, GetAppQuotes is quickly changing the way employers hire iPhone app developers. GetAppQuotes works like this: Entrepreneurs post their iPhone app project for free and iPhone developers then bid their development quote accordingly. The main benefit of having iPhone developers bid for app projects is that it keeps prices competitive and allows employers to choose from a wide variety of developers.

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iPhone and iPad Development Classes in June and July at About Objects

Reston, VA – About Objects will be offering an updated version of its most popular iPhone development training course, revamped to include full coverage of iPad development. The new 5-day, hands-on course, is entitled Introduction to iPhone and iPad Development. It’s the latest in a series of iPhone development training programs developed at About Objects that has proven popular with developers from companies such as Apple, eBay, Genentech, Intuit, Raytheon, NASA, and Yahoo!. Classes are priced at $2,495 ($2,295 with early registration), and will run in Cupertino, California June 5-11, followed by a class in Reston, Virginia July 12-23.

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VolnaTech releases NimbleKit – Software Development for iPhone and iPad

Kiev, Ukraine – VolnaTech today is pleased to announce the release of NimbleKit SDK, an update to their software development kit which adds full iPad support. NimbleKit allows to develop iPhone and iPad applications much quicker using just HTML and Javascript. No need to spend time learning how to use complicated tools, just start development from a template and immediately HTML file available for modification or to launch your app in simulator.

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"Demystifying iPhone & iPad App Development" Macworld session now online

Los Angeles, California – “Demystifying iPhone & iPad App Development: A Non-Technical Overview for Decision-Makers and Idea People,” a conference session given at the Macworld 2010 Conference & Expo in San Francisco in February, is now available online as a free video screencast.

Parade of Progress Productions, a Los Angeles-based design, development & consulting firm specializing in the iPhone, announced that it is making its Macworld session freely available, both for streaming and as a download.

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