For the Blogger – Redmond Pie’s ‘definitive list’ of blogging apps


Got a blog? Got an iPhone? Great. You may be wondering how to get the two to act nicely; to that end, Redmond Pie have collated a list of paid and free apps which may help you out. Among those that made the list is Automattic’s open source WordPress app which allows you to set up a WordPress blog from your iPhone or iPod touch. TouchMyApps along with a goodly number of other blogs utilises WP which really is a do-it-all website outline. WP for the iPhone is currently version 1,3 with planned updates and feature fixes which are detailed in part on iPhone website.

Automattic Inc., WordPress, FREE, 0.6 MB

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ShakeItPhoto – the iPhone’s best fauxlaroid app gets better with 1.1 update


If you’ve not had the chance to try a Polaroid camera, you really are missing out. Why? Well, even after the advent of digital cameras many years ago, the Polaraoid remained the best instant camera because it was quick, and required the photographer to do some exercise. Snap, shake and share – it was as easy as that. ShakeItPhoto is a Polaroid emulator brought to you by Nick Campbell which adds fun and a few features to the iPhone camera.

Nick Campbell, ShakeItPhoto, 0.99$, 4.4 MB

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