AT&T iPhone 4 pre-order system exposes personal information

Yes, again. AT&T’s special knack for customer dissatisfaction and exposing personal information just begs the question: why in the hell have Apple stuck with the telco giant for so long? The new iPhone 4 is a must-have for trendy tech pundits, but at what expense? With the stench of AT&T’s iPad email breach still hot in our nostrils, this one is just too sweet to pass over.

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iPhone 4 for those on a tight budget!

Want to amaze your friends with the latest and greatest state-of-the-art iPhone, but on a tight budget? Yeah, some may say “it’s no better that the 3GS” or “I’ll wait for the next release”, but WE know they’re lying. Have I got an answer for you!

Just for a few bucks you can have your own iPhone 4, be it – made from paper. But on the upside – it’s much lighter than the one showcased by Jobs AND it’s virtually unbreakable. And did I mention – it’s much cheaper?

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Pre-order your iPhone 4 now on Apple Store

As of an hour ago (4:00AM EST), pre-orders for the iPhone 4 went live on Apple’s website. As expected, the 16GB model goes for $199 while the 32GB can be had for $299 (on 2 year term). Strangely enough, the white model isn’t available at this time for pre-order. If you’ve been waiting for this moment to secure your iPhone 4, head on over to the Apple Store and go through the motions. Apple have also set up a link for you to see if you’re eligible for the early upgrade.

iWork headed to iPhone and iPod touch

Apple’s iPhone 4 release has been fraught with leaks. Another badboy appeared earlier today: a sweet iPhone 4 marketing render showed a dialogue suggesting that email files can be opened in Keynote, a component of iWork. Since Apple outed the info themselves, there’s no reason to doubt that the productivity suite will come to the iPad’s less portly siblings. Originally, Apple’s own iPhone’s Mail page leaked the info. Sadly, it’s all been plugged by a neat iBooks graphic.

The iWork suite can already be purchased for the iPad at 9.99$ per app.

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iForesee iPhone 4G…



Some say rumours travel faster than light. While there is no actual way to prove this, the whole Apple community lives and thrives on them. It even seems to have found a way to actually harness the power of rumours to stay afloat. And now, following the recent appearance of the possibly hi-res iPhone 4G (iPhone 3,1) in Apple’s firmware, the future versions of the OS have been spotted in the wild as well. All of this may also point to the iSlate.

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