“Apple of my eye” – shot, edited and iMovie’d on the iPhone 4

Michael Koerbel has just proved that iMovie for the iPhone 4 isn’t just another media app. His multi-shot, multi-scene movie, “Apple of my eye” is proof that both new technologies are powerful tools. Mr. Koerbel hasn’t revealed all the technology used in the making of the film, but suffice it to say that strapped to ingenious panning machines, impressive videos can be shot.

Thank you Apple.

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Poll: only 3% of iPhone 4’s are problem-free

shattered screens are only one of the iPhone 4's problems

Right, so open polls are preying grounds for groundless murmuring; nevertheless, insight can be found in their deep darks. MobileCrunch have a good one: Does your iPhone 4 have issues? MobileCrunch cover many platforms including WinMo, Android, Symbian, etc., so it isn’t a stretch to assume that enterprising Apple-haters took advantage of the poll, but whatever the case, the iPhone 4 looks like it’s got a lot of issues to overcome. At least Facetime is 100% satisfaction guaranteed 😉

Whether the iPhone 4’s got reception problems or an easily shattered screen, it’s obvious that Apple’ll have a time of settling everyone’s troubles.

iPhone 4 to boost video sex trade

What sort of call service is this?

Despite Gawker Media heritage, BusinessInsider has never let me down. They spotted a cute Craigslist job opportunity for nubile women in New York. In return for cheering up desperate East Coasters, applicable ladies will be given a free iPhone 4 to use in their ‘free time’. Perhaps Apple’s free Facetime call centre has ulterior motives.

Here’re the details

Thanks BusinessInsider.

Hitler has issues with iPhone 4 reception

The iPhone 4’s antenna issue has been well documented online over the past 48 hours. Users are losing signal strength if the phones are held in a certain way, namely if the bottom-left corner (or quite simply, the antenna) is covered by the naked flesh. Interestingly enough, Steve Jobs responded to a user’s email regarding this troubling matter with a simple “Just avoid holding it that way“.

Well it appears that even Hitler is having iPhone 4 reception issues. Michael Ingram, Jr. has created a hilarious video of Hitler going bonkers over dropped calls. This “Downfall” parody is probably the best of the bunch and certainly one of my favorites to date. Check out the full vid after the break!

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iPhone 4: Will it Blend?

Leave it to the curious minds over at Blendtec to see if an iPhone 4 will blend. Tom Dickenson, the man behind the madness, has already had his way with an iPhone 3G and iPad, and now wants to show the world whether an iPhone can keep up with his blender (spoiler alert: blender wins by clear knock out). In typical Tom fashion, the video is quite hilarious and certainly worth watching if you get a kick out of high-tech gear being ground to bits.

Blendtec is also giving away an 16GB iPhone 4 to one lucky winner, along with a 2 year basic iPhone voice and data plan over at AT&T. Alrighty, on to the blending after the gap!

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iPhone 4 drop test results: don’t do it!

The sunglassed hippies at iFixYouri have destroyed an iPhone 4’s Gorilla Glass. Their manly video may not smack of directing acumen (or heightened fashion awareness), but make no mistake, iFixYouri’s video proves a valid point: the iPhone 4 shouldn’t be dropped.

Apple’s newest wonder gave up its glassy ghost after stiff double-teaming from: hot tarmac! and four drops! from the insane height of a full-grown, fully bearded man’s beer gut.

Peace out iFixYouri and Engadget