An update on the OS 4.0 for the iPhone 2G

The fittingstorm project page has recently been updated with some exciting news – while working on porting the iPhone 3G version of the OS 4.0 to the original iPhone, the team has also had success in unlocking features only available to the later versions of the iPhone, like (drum roll) Bluetooth A2DP and peer-to-peer protocols. According to the developers, they do not expect any delays and are targeting the release of the final version in June, together with the official OS 4.0 release.

Check out their update and video message after the gap.

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iPhone 2G to get iPhone OS 4.0 – take that, Apple!

At one point in the iPhoneOS 4.0 keynote I was almost sure I heard 1.7 million hearts drop. I’m talking, of course, about the announcement of the platform the new OS is coming to. Roughly 2% of iPhone users still use the original iPhone 2G. Apple, in its quest to win over the hearts and wallets of the general population built such a magnificent device that quite a significant amount of people are still quite content with it, despite all of the features, only present in the newer versions.

Well, it seems I’m not the only one who thinks the policy of shutting the original iPhone out of the new bright future of OS 4.0 is cruel and unusual punishment. Rebuilding OS Group – a small independent team led by William Campell and previously know for some hacks of the PSP and Nintendo OS’s among other things has recently announced they are already working on making a special version of the OS 4.0 adapted for the iPhone 2G.

This version will, of course be based on the one for the iPhone 3G as the two devices share very similar hardware. Work is hard in progress, but already roughly 40% of the functions work fine on the original Jesus Phone and the project has been moved to beta stage. I’m still on the fence whether this is a fake or not, but I’d like to beieve in a better brighter future where all iPhones are created equal.

[ via fittingstorm]

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The JBnator Diaries – Activating MMS on the iPhone 2G with OS 3.0 and 3.1.2


Hey there, TMA fans! This is your weekly JBnator Diaries out now and available exclusively on Tell your friends, tell your parents, tell total strangers – this is THE spot for any hints, tips, advice on all things related to Jailbreaking!

When OS3.0 was first announced back in March 2009, the “Jesus” phone was widely criticised because of the lack of many features. Then, the implementation of Push, Copy-and-Paste, and of course, MMS support was promised with the next OS release, but not everyone could benefit from the additions. And I’m not talking about AT&T delaying their MMS support for months and months and months. I’m talking about all those people who had and still have to this day a 2G iPhone. Well, today’s Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year for you! Using my little guide you can finally get even at those big nobs at Apple: you can have MMS on the 2G iPhone!

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