iPad and the erosion of HD

The App Store is fragmented by Moore’s Law, technological advancements, and good ol’ fashioned nonsense. Older iDevices lack Dr. Who’s assortment of GB’s, and new devices have added MHz’s, GHz’s, gyro thingies, and doohickies to Hell only knows where. Even the tamest of games and apps needs to run some sort of disclaimer, proving that it won’t destroy an iPhone 2G. But now, thanks to the iPad, we got something more to contend with: HD – whatever that is.

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Fonts + Mail for iPad – 114 fonts for 99 cents

Yikes! If you’re sick and tired of the paltry selection of fonts for the iPad, Yi LV may be able to help. No fewer than 114 fonts will raid your iPad’s mail app in exchange for your dearly partied 99 pennies. Unlike some native apps, Fonts + Mail for iPad gives a decent preview of each font so you don’t blindly change into important mails.

Palm Heroes YI LV, Fonts + Mail for iPad – $0.99

Screenies and more after the gap:

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Plants vs Zombies HD in Review – Bigger and Better Than Ever!

Truth be told, the first thing I took care of when I purchased my own iPad was to get a copy of Plants vs. Zombies HD. I snuck out on lunch break from work and after buying my iPad, I made a beeline for the nearest Wifi spot and downloaded the game straightaway. By the time I got back to the office, I was proudly showing off my very first acquisition, and my colleagues were just as eager as I was to give this baby a test drive.

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The JBnator Diaries – How to free 70MB RAM on 2G/3G iPhones

As I promised in my iDevice overclocking article, I will tell you how to free RAM on your Jesus device. As most of you probably know limited RAM is THE iDevices most limiting factor today and the reason for most app crashes. The iPhone OS tracks the amount of free memory available and starts killing off background apps when it gets low (remember, even on the the OS 3.0 Apple’s stock apps like Mail, Safari and iPod still support backgrounding out of the box). If the memory still gets under a certain threshold the OS kills the running app as well.

Well, the jailbreaking community has an answer to this, as it turns out. And the funny thing is – it is an age old technology, present in the desktop OSs for years. I’m talking of course about Virtual Memory.

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DreamBook ePad 7 – the iWTF Pad

The innovative DreamBook ePad 7

Just to prove that TouchMyApps isn’t all Apple fanboi, I thought I’d pay homage to the creative competition out there. So many companies have been given glorious opportunity to flex their creative muscles thanks to Google’s open-source Android. The funds they save by going Google allows them to dedicate their resources to create unique and innovative designs.

Apple lovers may think the iPad is the 2nd coming, but the truth is, that it’s just another silicon device. Strapped with every Google fan’s favourite Android 1.6, Jesus only knows the ePad 7’s sky, or its limits! Hell, with Android’s recent Froyoing around, even Apple’s  smug mountain of doom is heating up.

Specs after the gap:

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Where to find iPad-compatible Cydia applist

With the iPad jailbreak available for nearly a month now, finding compatible Cydia apps is still a major issue for many users. The problems with installing an incompatible one may range from a simple crash of the app to introducing some major issues into the OS and having to resort to a full system restore.

To help ease the pain of the jailbreak community, MuscleNerd, one of the members of the infamous Dev Team, has created a crowd-sourced Google Docs file that lists the current tested apps, both compatible and not. And while there are dangers in such an approach, namely irresponsible users and possibly even vandals, to date it is the best and only way to check out if your favourite jailbroken app is ready for the big screen.

Fishing Frenzy HD in Review – Cost, Not Fish, Causes The Frenzy

Fishing Frenzy HD for the iPad ($4.99) is another sterling example of a developer repackaging a game as “HD” and jacking up its price in hopes of grabbing mindless early adopter sales. Here, it’s a rewrap of a game which has been previously available in ad-supported and ad-free ($0.99) iPhone versions. Unlike the iPhone apps, Fishing Frenzy HD offers no OpenFeint support: you’re actually paying more money for less features and purdier graphics.

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