Best Buy: iPad cannibalising laptop sales


The face of mobile computing's new overlord

Getting advice about electronics purchases from Best Buy’s team of experts, who spend all day among rows and rows of the same three products, isn’t always a good idea. But then, every once in a while, a proper thought comes from the Big Box. In an interview, Best Buy CEO, Brian Dunn, said that the iPad is “cannibaliz[ing] sales from laptop PCs by as much as 50%” – no mean feat considering how ‘underpowered’ it seems in comparison to PC laptops that advertise everything from the OS (that every computer shares) to bundled malware and archaic Energy Star specification. But that may be the reason it is doing so well; take out the unnecessary stuff and you can Facebook and email as well as anyone. Generally, I write about 5-6 pages a day on my iPad. Yes, thanks to Apple’s Pages and Quickoffice Connect.

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All current iOS devices pwned4life – Jailbreakable forever!

A significant victory has recently been achieved over Apple’s incessant attempts to thwart jailbreaking. First unveiled by the infamous Geohot during the “Nuit du hacks” — one of the oldest and most famous French underground hacker’s conferences — the pwned4life exploit is claimed to make all current iOS devices jailbreakable forever. Unfortunately George Hotz himself has since left the iPhone arena but his work is being continued by pod2g, responsible for the 24kpwn exploit that first made the iPod Touch 2G jailbreak possible and who has already confirmed that all iOS devices up to the latest iPod Touch 4G are indeed susceptible to it.

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Rare Metal – a sweet-looking new slide puzzle for car geeks

Yikes, what memories flood back to this 30 year old as Rare Metal’s screens slide by my eyes. I used to be a car guy way back in 1988 (I was nine years old). I’d sit up all night looking over pictures of the then-new Ferrari F40 and Porsche 950, and dream. Geez, well Black Ice Applications (fitting don’t you think?) have just rolled out (oh the puns) Rare Metal, a puzzler for car geeks, and it looks good. Hell, combine cool metal with any puzzle game and it’s all good, but with a slide puzzle? the sort you carried around between two dirty thumbs as a child? It’s all reaaaaaaal good! This 0.99$ app features seven cars and 5 levels of difficulty. Woot!

Rare Metal Black Ice Applications, Rare Metal, 3.84MB – $0.99

ViewSonic’s Android tablet to double up on the iPad

With year-end holidays approaching, it is high time Apple’s competitors to finally hit the copy button. ViewSonic have a nice looking, ‘seen it before’ tablet coming… sometime soon. It will sport Android (or Windows), expandable memory, dual cameras and a USB port. In other words, it is the same exact same thing you’ll get from LG, HP, from Dell, from Toshiba, and myriad other manufacturers. Expect this copy-cat solution to be fun for a good old-fashioned Apple haters, but worthless on its own merits.

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iApps for Students – Best bang-for-the-buck back to School Apps

As summer draws to a close, there’s a bigger and better reason for going back to school this September – shiny new apps for your shiny new iPad and iPhone 4.

Check out the ongoing sale at iApps for Students and take a pick from a wide selection of useful apps for school for your Mac, iPhone and iPad – massive discounts ranging from 20 to 99% off will certainly make app shopping easier on the wallet. These apps make student life a little easier with its selection of educational, personal finance management and notetaking tools, with games, entertainment, photography apps thrown in.

You might want to revisit last year’s cream of the crop back to school app roundup by TMA and check if you have these recommended apps in your collection already. So it’s time to shine that gorgeous new baby of yours and go back to school with a bang!

iPods, iPad and iPhone Due For an Early Revamp?

Apple's image

It’s clear that 2010 is a busy, busy year for Apple. A heady combination of new and old, Apple unveiled the highly-anticipated iPad, released the sexy (and controversial) iPhone 4, and  a bigger, meaner iMac together with the Apple Magic Trackpad.

Rumors abound from a number of reliable sources that the iPod line will see a major product refresh – a tiny touchscreen shuffle, the iPod Touch will finally get a camera and the fabled retina display on the iPhone 4, and – gasp! – a tinier, 7-inch iPad in the works? Another rumor that might ignite a fresh wave of controversy is the rumored iPhone refresh amidst the antenna issues hounding iPhone 4.

A more recent rumor is the introduction of a cheaper  TV device renamed the Apple iTv said to cost only $99 with a 99 cent tv show rental deal in the works.

With the scheduled September 1 event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, these speculations will soon be put to rest. Major announcements for the iPad and iPhone however, might come a bit later in the year or early 2011.

Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad in Review

About the text: don't even ask...

Last year I was hot ‘n bothered for a mobile office app. What I got was Quickoffice, an app that went through a lengthy teething stage, but eventually became an iPhone keeper. This year’s Quickoffice Connect Mobile for the iPad is the culmination of a year’s worth of tweaks, good ol’ fashioned GUI design, and a glut of file support.

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Better than iPad: LG’s amazing tablet computer will be

a leaked picture of LG's amazing iPad killer

If anyone – anyone at all – can better Apple at building devices that people want to use, it is LG, the South Korean electronics giant, who more and more, prove themselves up to the task. LG are innovative. They are full of clever designers. When I sat with them in an informal Q&A last year about upcoming iPhone-killer smart phones, it was obvious they ‘got it’. The problem I see with the iPad is that it is just so ungraceful; you can’t type on it, you can’t create on it – you can’t do aught but consume media. That is the iPad’s problem. Android will fix all that and LG will magically wave the form factor away. Combined with Android’s wealth of productivity , its smooth, fragmentation-free hardware glut, and its simplicity will show Apple who is boss – that is, if LG can help them out.

If you’ve ever owned an LG phone, or read through an LG manual; if you’ve enjoyed their incredible style and poise in the marketplace, you know what I’m talking about. LG, if anyone can better than iPad, it is you, the Yoda of electronics.

^^ sic ^^

DIY iPad case: ぞうのハナコ (the elephant flower girl)

Introducing the elephant flower girl DIY iPad case

While big name livery gets all the headlines, it’s the products of real makers that stand out. Really, what’s 5$ of felt and a few hours of your time? The above is the product of my genius wife, who having run out of room in her Celtic colouring book, decided to make a case for her iPad. I showed her my scheduler-esque Marware Eco-Vue iPad case (certainly svelte for a scheduler – and pictured here for the Kindle), but she wasn’t impressed. She wanted cute. We headed to PixDix, to the Apple Store, to BestBuy, to #Apple, and to various online retailers; not a one presented anything quite cute enough. Frustrated, but still kicking, my wife found SopoShop, and a really cute elephant pouch. Every poet is a thief and every biology lab researcher can replicate the finest of details, so while we bypassed SopoShop’s unfortunate dearth of iPad cases, we did come away with the elephant flower girl.

Piccies and more after the gap:

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