iPhone OS 4.0 spilled in iPhone Dev Programme

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Engadget has happened on a wonderful something somethin’. Evidently in a rush to prepare for today’s Apple Event, Apple have spilled the cat soup on the next version of the iPhone’s OS. The note which is viewable at Apple’s Developer agreement reads, “Need to update this for the 27th launch”. Well, that is cute – either devs will get a hint of the next Apple candy, or Apple have pulled another smear the leak campaign. Whatever it is, all will be revealed in a few short hours as Apple’s 27 January event is launched. The sad part of course is that both Apple and faithful rumourists will have to face reality as the new software or hardware either: lives up to expectations, or is trounced by them.

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iProd = iRead?


With the recurrent abundance of the Apple tablet rumours in the past few months, few doubt that the mystical product is soon to hit the market. The only thing that is still uncertain is “What the hell will it be EXACTLY?” Well, based on some recent rumours, I have a few thoughts to share.

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iPad, iProd, whatever – welcome to Apple’s caboose

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Like any good fan site, TMA look expectantly toward extension of Apple’s iDevice range; whether that be a faster iPod, iPhone, the oft’ rumoured audiophile iDevice, or a tablet: any news is good news. Jeremy Horwitz of iLounge and Paul McDougall of Information Week may be on to something. With just a day between their reports, the couple pair partners colleagues respective editors have spouted some exciting tid bits concerning the elusive and storied tablet Mac.

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