TapFactory Announces Stick It – Sticky Notes for iPad

Newark, NJ – TapFactory, the mobile development company that brought sticky notes to the iPhone, announced today the release of Stick It – Sticky Notes for iPad. This release follows the extraordinary success of Stick It for iPhone, which has garnered over 600,000 downloads and a spot on the Top 100 Utilities since its release in June of 2009.

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This just in: iPad to suck rocks; April’s big news is iTunes 9.1

The iPad sucks. I’ll admit to having my suspicions about the device; it’s clumsy and half-arsedly pitched between devices: a formula which never, ever works. And, it’s made by the same Newton-designing Apple, a company who just cannot pin interloping gadgets. And TMA isn’t alone in thinking the worst of Apple’s soon-to-be-released device (to read on, follow the gap):

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iPad – roots in audiophile, but is the force strong in this one?

The iPad is only one vowel from the mother of modern multimedia, the iPod. Tweets about iPad and music keep popping up, audio company executives keep pestering me to get one, and otherwise, I’m curious; there has to be something in the convenience of a device 4x the size of an iPod touch. Who knows, the iPad could be as dirty sounding as its nomenclature, but it could well be the next mono-speaker-toting-boombox! It’s Apple’s baby, so expect it to work with headsets and the best earphones/headphones out there, not to mention the rich boneyard of audio accessories such as line out docks and microphones. In 2005, Apple dog-eared a new page: they brought in gapless playback with the iPod 5G. Then, in 2007, they dropped DRM-crippled iTunes music, and in 2008, their iPod line went audiophile with excellent earphone performance reminiscent of the original iPod shuffle, but without all the hiss. No other company has come so far and done so much for portable audio quality while keeping their big mouths shut about all their achievements. Everyone else trumpets typical dross: advanced engine sound FFX13/dual DAC/340 decibels signal to noise ratio/Class A.

Inquisitive rant continued after the gap:

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iPad still behind the Apple curtain – secrecy’s the name of the game

Apple keep a tight ship: ain’t too many iPads leakin’ out to the public despite a flood of rumours, speculation, and sneaky. Why? Why, the Apple curtain of course! Without getting political or toeing dangerous territory, I’ll just whisper this truth: Apple cover their tracks. Sure, they have leaks, but considering the stress of hype and naughty journalists, they do a very good job of corking it. According to Reuters, even Apple Store employees have yet to see an iPad in the wilds of their inventory:

“We haven’t seen it; we never do” before a product is launched, said one employee, who asked not to be identified because workers are barred from speaking with the media. “Every store employee I know, including the managers, they haven’t seen it.”

[via AppleInsier via Reuters]

Stay with us to keep up with the sneaky iPad

Apple iPad Guided Tours

The internet itself may flounder in the wake of all the recent iPad news/rumours and announcements, but golly me, we IS ready for more. Apple have released a series of iPad Guided Tours for internet Quicktime playback. Yes, they run in typical Jobsian monotone, accentuated by the underlaid ‘booms’ and ‘yowsers’, but golly me, they are exciting. Actually, there is a growing contingent of AnythingbutiPadders out there who in some ways, gain my respect, but dear me, how can they miss out on all the wally-golly fun?!

Full list of iPad Guided Tours after the gap:

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First look at Twitepad for the iPad

Earlier last week, developer Infoxenter had sent word of their upcoming TwitePad app designed exclusively for the iPad. As a fully featured twitter client, TwitePad comes with all the functions you’d expect: lists, both types of retweets and more. Its two main selling features however, are the built-in web browser and support for multiple columns. Thanks to the larger screen size of the iPad, Twitepad users can now navigate between their columns by content (mentions, timeline, lists etc) AND easily open interesting links with the web browser.

And for those with multiple Twitter accounts, Twitpad allows you to use as many as your heart desires- meaning you can stay on top of all your personalities accounts without jumping from screen to screen. Infoxenter have even included support for Instapaper (read articles later) and implemented a database backend, meaning all your tweets and user data are stored locally for near instant retrieval.

For soon-to-be iPad owners who’re also Twitter users, Twitepad should definitely be on their radar come April 3rd. For the intro price of $0.99, Twitepad is looking more and more appealing by the minute. Be sure to check out the promo video, piccies and more after the gap!

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Geohot untethered jailbreak for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad coming soon!

One of the most frustrating things with jailbreaking the latest generation of Apple devices (most iPhones 3GS, iPod Touches 2G and 3G) is the requirement to have it connected to PC/Mac and pressing the “Make it rain” button on each reboot. The extent of the issue is clearly shown by the recently reported project of making a special iDongle to avoid the dependency on a desktop computer. Unfortunately for @mrbreakit (the inventor of the iDongle) this may soon cease to be an issue.

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Apple to ship 8-10 million iPads in 2010

Will 8-10 million shipped iPads be enough to turn Apple haters and naysayers into mashed potatoes? Who knows, but with iPhone shipments ringing in at #3 around the world in 2009, expectations are high for another hit. Will I buy the iPad? Yes, but not immediately. I feel very strongly that the iPad’s design slant which is bent on simplicity, will be a fulcrum in mobile computing, but I won’t be boarding that train till my piggy bank, which allows me me a little space, carries me into next year. In other words, my iPad won’t be one of the pre-orders which are expected to ship now.

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iPad Cloned – roll over MaxiPad, big ‘ol iPod touch

Who needs a big ‘ol iPod touch when you can have a giPod Nano (my clever nickname for a ginormous iPod Nano). This seemingly unnamed Chinese iPad clone is svelte in white and a sports a cute click wheel and the startlingly low price of 290$. Better yet, it even packs a quaint stylus for drawing cute apples and other fruits. Manufacturer: Shenzhen Huayi churns out the clone in the Shenzhen, the city known for pickpockets and tech look-alikes, and begs geeks to buy this latest of clones.

While Redmond Pie asks you to be wary of purchasing fake gear, TMA says: if you are fully of wasteful dosh, go ahead, but see if you can’t save your pennies on something worthwhile, like an Apple iPad.