HP Slate – already Failed

Without a software platform to aim the silicon guns, there can be no platform war. And if TechCrunch’s lead is more than just rumour, HP may be sunning their Slate out of Microsoft’s musty Windows 7 cocoon. HP may even drop Intel’s Atom for a less power-hungry platform, in which case, Windows 7 is right out. WebOS, Android, and Chrome stand primed as candidates, but as I mentioned before, tablet computing needs tight integration of software and hardware.

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Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit – audio, video, AND photos

Thanks to Apple’s reticence to include USB ports or memory card slots in the iPad, THIS is making news.

The Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit, which has just gone on sale for an even 29$, makes brilliant use of the iPad’s number 1 feature: mobile OSX. The operating system isn’t just a touch-friendly app-mongering front end, it supports low-level instructions as well. Specifically, the iPad Camera Connection Kit can connect to USB audio and professional interfaces.

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iPad overcomes glaucoma, changes Granny’s life

iPad news getting old? Not for this shiggy-wiggy. In her 100th year, Virginia, a granny from somewhere in the States, has made news thanks to Oregon Live ;). It’s not without a little bit of arm-twisting though; her family bought her an iPad.

While the video is viral now, there’s nothing cute about her interest in the iPad. She has glaucoma and hasn’t been able to read books for a long time. Evidently, the iPad has allowed her to pick up her old (and good) habit thanks to Apple’s iBooks. But her talents don’t stop there; she is also a verbose poet, having now completed 12 limericks on her new toy, the most poignant, below:

To this technology-ninny it’s clear
In my compromised 100th year,
That to read and to write
Are again within sight
Of this Apple iPad pioneer.

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iPad Tutorial: How to read your old (non-ePub) ebooks using iBooks

Update: Our latest tutorial on how to use Dropbox and Calibre to store and remotely transfer ebooks to your iDevices is now up. You can check it out here.

Early adopters of the iPad already know that the device is not only great for surfing the web, playing “HD” games or watching movies on the gorgeous 9.7-inch IPS screen, but also for reading ebooks. Apple’s own e-reader app, iBooks, has been well received and its overall design makes it easy and enjoyable to read books on the iPad. It even allows you to upload non-iBookstore and DRM-free ePub documents/ebooks onto the app via iTunes. Unfortunately, iBooks only accepts the “industry standard” ePub format, meaning those with a collection of ebooks in various formats (LIT, MOBI, PDB, HTML, RTF etc) are out of luck.

While Stanza (my personal favorite) and other e-reader apps on the iPhone/iPod Touch do accept other ebook formats, there are currently none with dedicated iPad versions (meaning you won’t be able to enjoy them in full screen mode without the text becoming pixelated). As such, we’ll be taking a look at how to convert and transfer your existing non-epub ebooks/documents onto the free and very likeable iBooks app.

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App Store Boner: No ‘Pad’ for App Store developers

Image courtesy of funny-potato.com/blog

Thanks to anonymity and great spacial distances, the internet generally protects people from physical violence at the hands of totalitarian gestapos. Unfortunately it can’t stop tyranny from laying into people, companies, or other gestapos. Recently, Apple attacked the developer of two legit iPad apps for incorportating the word, ‘Pad’ into the app name. Evidently, if your app has ‘Pad’ in its name, you will suffer the ban hammer or have to change the app’s name. Apple are no strangers to sudden app removals and bans. Unfortunately for JournalPad and JournalPad: Bible Study Edition‘s developer, a lot of money was already funnelled into marketing the apps. Both apps have been trimmed to : journal.APP, and bibleStudy.APP respectively. Take a minute to read this ringer from Jobs Himself.

“Its just common sense to not use another company’s trademarks in your app name.”

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Europe (and rest of the World), go weep in the corner…the iPad is delayed 1 more month

This just in – me and millions of other poor sods here in Europe, Russia, and, actually, the whole wide world can now offically all go weep in the corner. Due to “demand far higher than predicted” the international launch date of the dream device – the iPad – has been delayed for one more month. This means the earliest folks will be able to get an iPad anywhere outside of the US officially will not be earlier than late May – with pricing announced and pre-orders available on May 10th. Apple, I understand the 500k iPads sold is a sizebale chunk, but still – what gives?!

TMA’s Editor-in-Chief shigzeo gives his take on the delay and official press release after the break. Now go shed some tears… or, if you’re in the US and already nabbed yourself one, laugh maniacally.

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You thought snes4iphone was cool on the iPad? Just check out n64iphone!

Recently we made a post about the amazing work of a friend of TMA – ZodTTD – in already having tested out his snes4iphone emulator on the iPad. Well, with the iPad already jailbroken, his buddy chpwn has most recently checked out how one of the most anticipated emulators, the N64 one, will run on the iPad.

The official comment from ZodTTD after the gap…

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Miss Windows 95 on your brand spanking new iPad?

How long does it usually take you to implement a new idea? An day, a week, a month? Well, for Wert.cx from Kama Games, it only took 2 hours (plus a bit more to tinker with the keyboard) to get the world’s most/least (choose whichever necessary) favourite OS – Windows 95 – running on his brand new iPad.

And all it took for this to work is:

Why do it? Just for the fun of it! But it does blow my mind the extent of things possible on Apple’s latest creation

[via iPhones.ru]

SoundMan iPad car audio – safety tapped

Safety be damned, this SoundMan iPad-powered car audio system is pretty damn cool. It Onkyo’s ND-S1 digital transport for bit-perfect decoding, 5,1 sound, and pertinently, a McIntosh amp. Right, a touch-screen car audio system is about as safe as smoking a grenade, but currently, it is cutting edge and cutely demonstrates a use for the iPad’s great audio circuit. And if you hate cars? why not check out the Bluetooth/Kleer Wireless Cy-Fi Wireless bicycle/sport speaker? That, friends is two-wheel audio/exercise bliss!