ZAGGkeys PROplus in Review – Light that iPad keyboard up!


For many, the iPad has replaced their laptops while away from the office/home or when processor intensive tasks are not required. This is especially true when the bulk of the work involves writing reports or filling out numbers and data in spreadsheets. What better accessory to go with the iPad than an external keyboard case to help you be more productive AND provide your tablet with some form of protection at the same time? I’ve covered keyboard cases in the past, like the ZAGGfolio, and today we’re going to take a closer look at ZAGG’s other product – the ZAGGkeys PROplus, a dandy backlit keyboard that’s both slim and fun to use.

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Fleksy gets update, price drops to free forever


While iOS’ autocorrect feature is fairly competent, there are undoubtedly times when users have wished that its text prediction was much improved. Enter  Fleksy, the iOS app released last year where the developers called it the “most powerful text prediction engine out there”, has been embraced by thousands of users who are able to type on their iPhones and iPads without having to even look at the keyboard. The app was after all designed with the visually impair in mind. With its most recent update (new gestures, new menu and increased accuracy), the devs have also announced that the app has gone free (the full version was previously $4.99) – now and forever.

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iPad Keyboard Prototype: Text editing on the iPad made easy

If you’ve ever tried editing text (repeatedly) on the iPad, it’s probably crossed your mind that there should be a more efficient method of moving the onscreen cursor and selecting the desired text. I know I have and it’s one of the primary reasons why I love using the Shift and arrow keys on the ZAGGfolio bluetooth keyboard. Well you can leave it to Youtube user danielchasehooper to provide a visual on how this could be implemented on iOS for the iPad. As shown in his prototype video, you drag one finger left/right to move the cursor (two fingers to move it faster), and hold shift while dragging to select the text. Perhaps Apple will provide similar functionality in iOS 6, but until WWDC next month (where Applecould very well announce the next iOS) we won’t know for certain if the virtual keyboard will receive any improvements and upgrades. But you can let Apple know that you wish to have this feature on the iPad. Here’s how:

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A Smarter Smart Cover: The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

Likely the first of its kind, Logitech has revealed an upcoming external keyboard for the iPad that attaches itself to the device much like Apple’s Smart Cover – via “clever” magnetic strips. Dubbed the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, this bluetooth keyboard has an instant on/off feature, a 6 month battery life (based on 2 hours of use/day) and is compatible with both the iPad 2 and new iPad. Similar to the ZAGGmate, the iPad will slide into a groove for both horizontal or vertical use, though with only one viewing angle. The Ultrathin Keyboard Cover will be available later this month in both the US and Europe and will retail for $99 (pre-orders can now be made online). Promo video and press release after the gap.

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Meet jorno, the folding bluetooth keyboard for the iPhone and iPad

For most people (unless you’re this guy), typing on an actual keyboard will always yield better results than the virtual keys of the iPhone and iPad. This is why whenever my Macbook doesn’t tag along on shorter trips, I always bring along my Wireless Keyboard from Apple to pair up with my iPad. Bluetooth keyboards aren’t new by any means, but they’ve come a long way in both usability and aesthetics.

Cervantes Mobile’s upcoming jorno is one such keyboard. Weighing in at 8.8 ounces, it folds up into its own case and comes in at 8.5″ in length when fully extended. The rechargeable lithium ion battery is said to last a month per charge and it also comes with a dock that will fit the iPhone and iPad (among other mobile gadgets). As much as I love my Apple keyboard, the jorno really does look enticing, especially with it’s ability to fold up and fit into smaller compartments. For those interested, the Jorno should be available in early 2011 at the retail price of $99, but it can be pre-ordered now for $79. More info and images after the gap.

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New KidKeys App for iPad Makes Typing Easy for Little Fingers

Richmond, Virginia – BV Software LLC today is pleased to announce its KidKeys App for iPad is now available on the App Store. KidKeys is a colorful custom keyboard on your iPad that connects with your computer and makes it easy for kids to type. KidKeys can be used with any word processing program like Word or Notepad or for e-mails to Grandma or inside your child’s favorite games. Little hands will appreciate its big, bright buttons. And all the confusing keyboard functions have been stripped out, leaving only the basics to make typing simple for children learning how to read.

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