Add a Joystick to your iPad with Fling Game Controller

Previously, we had seen the Tactile+Plus sticky pads give iPhone and iPod Touch users more tactile feedback when gaming on the device. Now Ten One Design, makers of the popular Pogo Sketch Stylus, is taking it a step further and will soon be offering the Fling Game Controller for the iPad. The Fling is a clever little add-on that will serve as an analog joystick for any game that makes use of a virtual d-pad on the tablet. Thanks to the 2 suction cup attachments, users can easily place the joystick anywhere on the screen.

Now imagine playing games like Spiderman: Total Mayhem HD and Dungeon Hunter 2 HD on the iPad using the Fling… sweetness! You can pre-order it now for $24.95 in 3 colors (or a 2 pack for $38) and they’ll ship around Jan 28. Video demo of the Fling in action after the gap.

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