Apple Posts Guided Tours for iBooks, iMovie and GarageBand

Apple has posted guided tours for iBooks, iMovie and GarageBand – a day before the launch of the iPad 2. They range from about 3 – 6 minutes and provide a great overview of what they’re capable of, especially for those who are new to the iOS platform. You can check out the videos on Apple’s page here, or view them via embedded youtube clips below.

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Apple iPad Guided Tours

The internet itself may flounder in the wake of all the recent iPad news/rumours and announcements, but golly me, we IS ready for more. Apple have released a series of iPad Guided Tours for internet Quicktime playback. Yes, they run in typical Jobsian monotone, accentuated by the underlaid ‘booms’ and ‘yowsers’, but golly me, they are exciting. Actually, there is a growing contingent of AnythingbutiPadders out there who in some ways, gain my respect, but dear me, how can they miss out on all the wally-golly fun?!

Full list of iPad Guided Tours after the gap:

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