iClothing offers pockets for your iPad – iTee and iDress to impress

There’s nothing ridiculous about iClothing’s iTee or iDress. I mean, this is the iPad we are talking about, a magical item whose name has rightly been tarnished by feminine hygiene jokes. The Aussies are stuffing the iPad down under, so why not stuff the big ol’ iPod touch in an almost-cute one piece, or an almost-cool tee-shirt?

You can get your very own iPad-tailored tee-shirt for 44.95$, but be advised that only S and XS sizes are available. The iDress? It’s sold out, but can be revived with a kinky email to iClothing with the tag: “I WANT AN iDress!”

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Introducing the DODOcase for iPad: Protect your gear from extinction

San Francisco, California – Today DODOcase is announcing its limited first edition iPad case. Hand built and designed in San Francisco, CA the DODOcase takes the best of the traditional hardcover book/journal and brings it to an iPad case. With inspiration from the Moleskine writing journals we all know and love.

The DODOcase’s protective cover is constructed using traditional book binding techniques making the DODOcase a perfect balance of tradition, technology, and protection. The iPad is held firmly in place by a beautifully carved bamboo piece with foam inserts for added protection. Lightweight, strong, eco-friendly and a stunningly beautiful wood, bamboo is an ideal material for holding and protecting mobile devices.

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