The Lapdawg O-Stand – A Versatile iPad stand with 4 flexible legs


When it comes to stands for iPads and other tablets, the Lapdawg O-Stand surely has them beat – at least in the name department. Created by Lapdawg, the O-Stand is billed as the “Swiss Army Knife Of iPad Stands”, and there’s little doubt that it’s versatile. Resembling more like a alien from the War of the Worlds than a typical gadget stand, it can hold various tablets and e-readers and its 4 removeable flexy legs lets you position your iPad just how you like it.

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ORA turns your iPad into 8 Speaker Sound System

Watching movies on the iPad can be an enjoyable experience no doubt – just so long as you’re not relying on its terrible speakers. Even the ones on the iPad mini sound significantly better, thanks to the stereo speakers onboard. So how do you create the perfect accessory that makes the film sound great on-the-go AND not require you to carry around separate peripherals (i.e bluetooth speakers)? Enter ORA, a unique case that literally puts 8 speakers around your iPad, delivering 5 times the loudness you’re accustomed to hearing.

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The iDrive Mobile Device Mount – Now you can work and play on your iPad behind the wheel

Have you ever wished that there was a more practical way to surf the web on your iPad while driving? If so, this clever accessory — aka the iDrive — is just what you need.

Introducing the iDrive – a new way to stay connected to the world around you through your favorite devices – all while operating the vehicles you love!  Enjoy a good book on a leisurely motorcycle ride, shoot up killer robots on the way to work, or surf the internet while mountain biking.  With iDrive, you rule the road.

Just before you start wondering what happens if the airbag deploys (as in having a tablet greet your face at 100 mph), the iDrive is (thankfully) a fake. Sold by PrankPack, these “Genuine Fake Gift Boxes” go for $8 a pop, or 3 for $20. Currently there are 12 different fake/real boxes for sale, including the iArm, Bathe & Brew and Wake & Bake Griddle. Take a look below at a few more of these clever gift gags.

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On the Drawing Board: Color Studio HD + iMarker from Griffin and Crayola

Kids’ art is cute, but sometimes you just might get a bit tired of picking up uncapped pentel pens and stumbling on stubbed out crayons. Take your kids to the next level of fun with Griffin’s Crayola ColorStudio HD app, an interactive ‘coloring book’ on the iPad which you can take with you anywhere you go – and a lot less messy, too.

Together with the interactive and animated coloring book sounds is a custom-built digital stylus, aptly named iMarker. By animated, kids will enjoy a moving, musical lively coloring book where images come to life at the swipe of a stylus. Of course, the element of touch input is still there, and the app can distinguish between the iMarker and a child’s finger, letting him or her freely play and explore with drawing, shading and free play.

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ZAGGmate with Keyboard in Review – One Sleek Case and Keyboard Combo for your iPad

When it comes to accessories for the iPad, we’re no longer just seeing cases, stands, or screen protectors on the market. Manufacturers have started to cater to users who aren’t all that keen on typing with the iPad’s virtual keyboard for extended periods. As such, the iPad is often being paired up with Apple’s own iPad Keyboard Dock or Wireless Keyboard. This may be good for when at home, but on the road, it can be cumbersome to lug around the two separately.

It’s no wonder then that we’ve seen a whole new market open up for cases that incorporate a physical keyboard. The Kensington KeyFolio, Gembox  Keyboard Case and the upcoming Adonit Writer are such examples. Unfortunately, most add unwanted bulk and make your iPad look more like a crummy (second hand) netbook. Thankfully, ZAGG has come up with a solution that is both sleek and sexy, not to mention fun to use – the ZAGGmate w/ Keyboard case.

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iBallz Lid and Hard Case In Review – ‘Cuz Sometimes Your iBallz Need Protection Too!

The iBallz Eye Lid Case

Just recently, I reviewed a great protective device for your iPad called iBallz. Not only is their design amazingly innovative, but they also provide for a surprising amount of protection for the magical tablet. Today I’ll be taking a look at a couple cases that are designed to work with AND without your iBallz: the iBallz Lid and iBallz Hard Case.

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iBallz Originals In Review – Testicular Fortitude For Your iPad!

We all love our iPads. This supposed “consumption only” device has become an important part of many of our digital lives. It’s no wonder then that we want to keep it safe. Cases are great and I’ve got a few myself. However there are times when you don’t want to have it all wrapped up, and the bulk it adds makes the tablet seemingly less convenient. Enter iBallz, easily one of the most uniquely designed (and eye catching) accessories for the iPad. And with a name like that, I had to get my hands on a pair.

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Add a Joystick to your iPad with Fling Game Controller

Previously, we had seen the Tactile+Plus sticky pads give iPhone and iPod Touch users more tactile feedback when gaming on the device. Now Ten One Design, makers of the popular Pogo Sketch Stylus, is taking it a step further and will soon be offering the Fling Game Controller for the iPad. The Fling is a clever little add-on that will serve as an analog joystick for any game that makes use of a virtual d-pad on the tablet. Thanks to the 2 suction cup attachments, users can easily place the joystick anywhere on the screen.

Now imagine playing games like Spiderman: Total Mayhem HD and Dungeon Hunter 2 HD on the iPad using the Fling… sweetness! You can pre-order it now for $24.95 in 3 colors (or a 2 pack for $38) and they’ll ship around Jan 28. Video demo of the Fling in action after the gap.

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ZAGGmate with Keyboard to turn your iPad into a 10″ Laptop. Now available for Pre-Order

While iPad cases that incorporate a fully functional keyboard into its design is not entirely new (like the Kensington Bluetooth keyboard and Aidacase Folio Deluxe cases), the upcoming ZAGGmate w/Keyboard is probably the most intriguing and promising keyboard case I’ve come across to date. Embedded is a Bluetooth keyboard that includes special function keys specific to the iPad: music and volume control, slideshow, home , search, virtual keyboard toggle and more. The outer shell is made with aircraft-grade aluminum and an anodized finish that matches nicely with that of the iPad.

And if you don’t see the need for the external keyboard, the ZAGGmate also comes as a standalone version, which essentially becomes an ultra thin aluminum case and adjustable stand (with 10 viewing angles) for your iPad. The ZAGGmate w/Keyboard will sell for $99 US, while the regular ZAGGmate will set you back $69. Both are now available for pre-order and will ship on or slightly before Dec 17th. This is certainly one iPad accessory we look forward to reviewing in the near future. In the meantime, check out the promo videos and screenshots after the gap.

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Griffin’s upcoming PartyDock – a whole new dimension of gaming?

Griffin, renowned third party Apple accessories maker hints at expanding the media and gaming possibilities with its FCC filing of the PartyDock, an interesting device that will allow up to four players using iPads and iPhones to play casual/family games via iTunes which are specifically adapted to the PartyDock. In addition, the device is also optimized for viewing photos, movies and videos. Furthermore, PartyDock plays music and supports composite and component video.

Griffin promises an easy set-up out of the box, with three free mini-games and one full-version game, four controllers, cables and power supply thrown in.

From the looks of it, PartyDock just might be the next step in mobile gaming development. More images after the gap.

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