First unboxing video of New iPad, the website that benchmarked the New iPad, have also posted an unboxing video and images of a 16GB Wifi + 4G model they received several days ahead of its official release. Their initial impression of the 3rd gen iPad is that while it’s slightly heavier and thicker, the changes may not really be that noticeable to the user. As for the retina display, images look “really smooth”. Here’s the google translated version of their quick run-through:

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Online orders for New iPad now ships in 2-3 weeks

Unless you’re among the early birds who’ve already pre-ordered the new iPad online, be prepared to stand in line come March 16th as shipping dates have slipped once again. After selling out of its initial online stock last friday, Apple had posted March 19th (US and Canada) as the new shipping date for the past several days. And just overnight, that had been pushed back to the dreaded “2-3 weeks” time frame. According to an Apple spokesperson, demand for the new iPad has been tremendous.

“Customer response to the new iPad has been off the charts and the quantity available for pre-order has been purchased. Customers can continue to order online and receive an estimated delivery date.”

As for the iPad 2, shipping remains the same (1-3 business days) for both the 16GB Wifi ($399) and 3G ($529) models.

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