iPad 2 with 32nm A5 chip provides up to 16% improvement in battery life

The iPad 2 may have received a price drop ($399 for WiFi model) with the release of the New iPad, but what you may not be aware of is that it now houses a smaller and more efficient A5 chip – 32nm as opposed to the 45nm to be exact (the 45nm chip is found in previous iPad 2s and even the current gen iPad). Known as iPad 2,4, Anandtech recently bought one through Best Buy and promptly put it through a series of tests. While the new A5 chip doesn’t appear to provide a boost in speed and power, it does give users a nice bump in battery life. In the web browsing test, the “new” iPad 2,4 lasted for 11.7 hours, whereas the iPad 2 clocked in at 10.1 hours (9.28 hrs for new iPad).

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Magnus Magnetic iPad 2 stand now shipping

The Magnus Magnetic Stand for the iPad 2, first announced last week, is now available for shipping. Created by the masterminds at Ten One Design – makers of the Fling Game Controller and Pogo Sketch Stylus - the gorgeous and unique stand holds the iPad 2 in place using magnets, resulting in a low-profile and aesthetically pleasing design.

Magnus is first machine-crafted from pure aluminum and then hand-finished using the latest manufacturing techniques. After that, customized magnets are installed into the base, and rubberized feet are fitted to the bottom surface.

Our designers targeted a reduced silhouette. Viewed from the side, you see only the iPad’s tilt, and a flat plate on the desk. From there, the engineering took over. Magnus may look like it’s defying gravity, but it feels like a permanent attachment. You may need two hands to separate Magnus from your iPad.

The one downside to the stand is that it only works in landscape orientation (due to location of the iPad 2’s magnets), but if you can live with that, the Magnus retails for $49.95. Basic shipping (First Class Mail) in the US starts at $4.99, and International orders will set you back another $29.99 for Fedex priority shipping. More images of the stand in various angles after the break.

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Fit Freeway lets you race with your face as you exercise

Since Fuego’s River Adventure became the first hands-free game to be release for the iPad 2 a few months back, a number of motion controlled games have made their way into the App Store. One of the latest is BitGym’s Fit Freeway, a racing game that’s designed to be played while you’re working out on an exercise bike or elliptical.

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Jurassic Park: The Game 1 HD in Review – Daddy, look at those pretty dinosaurs!

For years now Telltale has proven time and time again that they’re able to turn a famous franchise into first-class episodic adventures. We’ve seen this in reboots of Sam & Max and Monkey Island (Review) series, as well as excellent adaptations of Wallace & Gromit and Back to the Future (Review). But when Jurassic Park: The Game was announced I couldn’t help but feel skeptical as to how the unique cinematic experience of such a movie could be translated into an interactive title. Well, I can tell you right now I have been proven wrong.

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iPad survives 100,000 feet fall from outer space

No doubt we’ve all worried about accidentally dropping our iPads whilst using it. But rest assured, it’s a whole lot more resistant  to sudden impacts – at least that’s what G-Form wants you to believe. Promoting their  Extreme Edge protector for the iPad, G-Form drops the iTablet from 100,000 feet up to see if the device can survive the extreme drop. Surprisingly, the iPad’s still in pretty good shape, and more importantly, it continues to work after the free fall.


Refurbished iPad 2s now $80 – $100 off at Apple Online Store

If you’re in the market for a new(old) iPad 2, now would be a great time to pick one up. Apple today dropped their prices on refurbished current gen iPads, with the entry 16GB Wi-Fi model now selling for $419 (was $449) – a total savings of $80 compared to a brand new one. The higher capacity iPads, namely the 32GB and 64GB Wi-Fi (and 3G) models are a $100 off (16% savings). In case you’re uncertain about buying a “used” iPad, just know that they’re all tested and certified by Apple, and include a 1 year warranty, a brand new battery and even outer shell. I’ve purchased refurb stuff from Apple before and haven’t been let down yet (I saved $300 off my 27″ iMac this way). Supply is limited, so it’s entirely possible that these iPads won’t last until the mad rush of the Christmas shopping season.


ZAGG set to giveaway 24 iPad 2s on Black Friday – One every hour!

ZAGG, the company behind the Flex Keyboard and ZAGGmate, is holding another massive iPad Giveaway this Black Friday. In 2010, ZAGG did an iPad-a-week giveaway; earlier this February, it was an iPad-a-day hand out. Naturally, this Friday, we should be expecting an iPad 2 every hour, right? Starting midnight (MST) on November 25th, 2011, an iPad 2 WiFi 16 GB model can be won every hour, all by visiting the contest page and submitting your entry (Name and email). The key is that each entry only counts for that hour, so you’ll have to re-submit 24 separate times (once each hour) if you really want that iPad badly enough. You’ll also receive up to 3 additional entries per hour if you share that contest page via Twitter and Facebook. Good luck!

Two iPad 2’s make for one cool Halloween Costume

Still haven’t decided what or who to dress as for that Halloween party? Well if you have two iPad 2’s laying around and some fake blood, you can impress your friends by making it appear as though there’s a gaping hole in your torso. Mark Rober, a Mechanical Engineer for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, makes use of the iPad 2s’ cameras and FaceTime to create this neat effect:

a relatively simple Halloween costume using 2 iPad2s to make it look like you have a huge hole in your torso. You’ll also need a MiFi hotspot (if you don’t have a WiFi network available where you want to use the costume). Basically you start a FaceTime chat between the iPads and then tape one to your front and one to your back. Add a little red paint and you’re good to go. It’s supposed to look like you have a gaping hole in your torso. If you spend more time than I did on the blood and the flesh part and lining up the iPads it could look pretty cool

This has got to be one of coolest (and geekiest) Halloween costumes ever.

[youtube via Gizmodo]

Real Racing HD coming soon to your living room in 1080p

Firemint has announced today that the next major update for Real Racing HD will feature full 1080p  support on your big screen TV when paired with the iPad 2 and Apple Digital AV Adapter. This is first of the iOS and will certainly pave the way for other iPad 2 games to be played in full HD glory, right from the comforts of your living room.

The high-octane utopia of relaxing in your living room, iPad 2 as your steering wheel in hand and playing Real Racing 2 HD on your big screen in full 1080p is almost here! Get ready for a truly console-like racing experience, thanks to the astounding power and awesome capabilities of iPad 2.

With full support for high-definition, 1080p output – a first for any iOS game – in the next major update, Real Racing 2 HD will be the perfect title to see the full potential of Apple’s latest hardware.

Relish crisp, gorgeous graphics at full screen 1080p, running at rock-solid frame rates, with an unbeatable hands-on, precision control method that’ll have your console green with envy. Real time telemetry puts your iPad 2’s display to work while your big screen takes care of the track-side action.

No word on when the update drops, though we certainly hope it’s in the very near future. Check out the impressive 30fps Real Racing HD is able to achieve in 1080p below.

Real Racing HD Firemint Pty Ltd, Real Racing HD, 153 MB – $6.99

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A Smart Wooden iPad 2 Cover

Just when you thought the Smart Cover for the iPad 2 couldn’t get any sexier, Holland-based company Miniot has created a similar cover that’s made of wood. Carved from a single piece of certified (cherry) wood, the Miniot Cover utilizes magnets to mimic the functionality of Apple’s Smart Cover. Flip it open to wake up the iPad, close it to put it back to sleep. And of course, you can roll it up into a cylinder for typing or watching movies. Priced at €50 (roughly $70 US), this smart wooden cover will undoubtedly turn heads and should give pause to those who plan on buying one of Apple’s own leather covers, selling for $69US.

You can order yours starting today (Mar 25th) and personal engraving is included for free. Check out the video demo after the gap.

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