Dead Trigger gets huge update, goes Free on iOS

Dead Trigger, the gorgeous first person zombie shooter released by Madfinger Games a little over a month ago, not only got a rather significant update, but the game has also gone completely free. It was previously available for $0.99, and it would appear that this is a permanent price drop. As pointed out by IGN recently, Madfinger decided to drop Dead Trigger on Android from $0.99 to free due to an “unbelievably high” piracy rate. And while the developer has stated on Facebook that piracy rates are much higher on Android, it looks as though they’ve decided to go the “Free-to-play” route on iOS as well.

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Windows 8 tablet vs iOS on iPad [Video]

Microsoft’s Windows 8 Consumer Preview was released on Wednesday morning, and within a day, it had more than a million downloads. The upcoming OS is a complete departure from the Windows as we all know, with a Metro-style interface that relies heavily on touch and gestures. So how does Windows 8 running on a tablet stack up to iOS on an iPad? Quite well it seems. The Verge have posted a great video (above) showing the two OSes side-by-side, including a rundown of the features we can expect from Windows 8.

[via TUAW]

An explanation of how multitasking works on iOS [video]

One of the questions asked most often when it comes to multitasking on the iPhone/iPad is “Do I need to manually kill apps in the background to improve performance?”. And you’ve surely heard people telling you:  yes you do, and no you don’t need to. So which is it? Well, developer Frasier Spiers aims to put this to rest as he explains on his blog why killing apps in the multitasking bar isn’t necessary.

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OMG, what is the world coming to? iPod, iPhone, iPad… iHTC?

I don’t think anyone would argue that at the moment the iOS is the best OS for a touchscreen device, period. The Android, while having some inarguable advantages like the openness of the platform and the absence of the extraodinary amount of control that Apple has over its product, still has quite a way to go to compare to the polished excellence of iOS. Still, even for the Android fans there is a way out if they’re the owners of an early iPhone – the OpeniBoot project, making it possible to run Google’s entry in the mobile OS space on the Jesus phone. But what if you’re one of those unlucky bunch, wishing for the miracle that is the iOS but stuck with a saintly Android phone? Apparently there is a way out!

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More options for getting Flash on the iOS

With all of the Apple vs Adobe “friendly” exchanges these last few months, it’s virtually a certainty Flash will never find a true home on the iOS. Or will it? More and more developers are taking upon themselves to offer solutions to have at least some way of having the heavily sought technology on your iDevice. We have already reported Cloud Browse – a virtual browser on a remote server, streamed right to your iPhone and Smokescreen – a Javascript Flash recompiler. And just recently two more projects have surfaced on the web.

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Apple, iAds and Antitrust – whose war is it, Google?

iAds mobile advertising and Big Brother Steve:

It was bound to happen, right? Google got AdMob through thanks to Apple’s clever competition, iAds. But afterward, Apple pulled the welcome mat from big time advertisers such as Google’s AdMob. While Apple and Google are at it, the devs they represent are caught in a nasty loop. Adverts are their stake, their money, their hard work – a portion that the recent Apple/Google spat is threatening. Competition is good for driving innovation in the hardware/software market, but get over it Apple and Google: the advertising segment isn’t about you, it’s about the developers. Forcing them to take sides will win you an antitrust lawsuit which I hope both of you lose.

Apple: don’t tout your 200 000 apps then bar certain devs from advertising portion on the iDevice because they are represented by AdMob.

Google: quit whining. John Gruber is right: you started it.

It’s time for Big Evil and Big Brother to take the little guy, the dev, seriously. Taking sides in the news is one thing, banning your customers, is another.

Thanks CNN