Jason Derulo’s “It Girl” recorded using only iPad music apps

We’ve already seen some great musical performances using only iPhones and iPads (like this one), but East Midwest Music Group’s recent recording of Jason Derulo’s It Girl using only the iPad for instruments really begins to blur the line between music made from professional studio gear and well, music apps. More than a half-dozen iPad apps were used for this remix, including: Animoog ($29.99), ReBirth for iPad ($14.99), Apple’s GarageBand ($4.99), Magic Fiddle ($2.99) and iSyn Poly ($9.99). Check out this extremely well made music video after the break – it really is quite amazing.

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North Point’s “iBand” performs Christmas tunes with iPhones and iPads [Video]

Is not likely that you’ve ever seen a Christmas Carol performance as cool as this one. Thanks to the “iBand” from North Point’s Community Church and a bunch of iPhones and iPads, we’re treated to some awesome renditions of 3 classic Christmas tunes. This from Reid Greven, Associate Music Director of iBand:

Jared arranged “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” and “Feliz Navidad” using the apps, and creating a demo by multitracking them in Apple’s Logic software (though any Digital Audio Workstation would do the trick).

Jared, Eddie Kirkland and I arranged the first song, “Carol of the Bells“. It’s amazing what you come up with when you sit in a room, hook 3 iPhones up to some speakers, and get adventurous!

In case you’re wondering, apps that were used in the performance include: SoundGrid, NLog Free Synth, Melody Bell, Guitarist, iGOG: Massive Drums and Bassist. And this is not the first time we’ve seen musicians use iDevices as instruments. Rock group Atomic Tom recently performed “live” on the NYC subway with their iPhones. Be sure to check out iBand’s viral video after the cut. It’ll certainly help you get into the Christmas Spirit.

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Atomic Tom rocks out on NYC subway with iPhones [video]

When it comes to jamming on the iDevice, we already know that the platform has plenty of quality apps for creating music. We’ve seen Applegirl and Guiz belt out some sweet tunes using nothing but the iPhone. And more recently, Atomic Tom, the rock quartet from Brooklyn, took it one step further by playing their single Take Me Out on the NYC B Train earlier this month — with their iPhones as instruments.  Using apps like iShred, PocketGuitar, Drum Meister and Virtuoso Piano Free 2 HD, the talented group treated those on the train with an awesome “live” performance of their catchy song.

Check out their video that’s since gone viral after the break. It’s definitely worth watching.

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