Apple: iOS 6’s Do Not Disturb bug to be fixed after January 7th


You may already have noticed that into the New Year, the Do Not Disturb feature on iOS 6 stays on even after the scheduled time has elapsed. If so, fret not because you’re not alone. Apple has acknowledged the issue via their support page, basically stating that all will be well after Monday, January 7th.

Do Not Disturb scheduling feature will resume normal functionality after January 7, 2013. Before this date, you should manually turn the Do Not Disturb feature on or off.

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Street View arrives on iOS 6 via Google Maps web app

While Google has no plans yet for a dedicated iOS 6 Maps app, iOS 6 users (particularly those with an iPhone 5) finally have access to Google Street View for when the need to look up local hotspots in a virtual 360 view arises. If you’ve ever used this amazing tool before, you know just how handy it can be when trying to locate a particular landmark. This is now possible on the latest OS thanks to an updated Google Maps web app, which can be accessed from mobile browsers like Safari or Chrome. Simply head over to on your iDevice, look up a point of interest in the search bar and ballon-shaped markers will be displayed on the map. Tap on one of them and an info bar will appear at the bottom, with options to call, get directions and a person icon for enabling Street View (if not available for the location, it’ll be greyed out). Conversely, you can simply tap on any POIs on the map to bring up said info bar.

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TeleNav offering 1 year subscription to Scout Plus for Free ($24.99)

Now that we know Google won’t be releasing a standalone Google Maps app anytime soon, it maybe time to explore other options on the App Store if you’re adamant against using Apple’s own Maps app. Like this one here: Scout by Telenav. An award winning nav app for mobile devices, Telenav is currently offering a 1 year subscription to Scout Plus absolutely free (normally $24.99). With Plus, you’ll get all these features:

  • Our 3D turn-by-turn navigation with voice
  • Traffic rerouting
  • Offline navigation for when you drive out of cell coverage
  • Lane Assist, which helps you figure out what lane you should be in
  • Speed Traps & Red Light Camera Alerts
  • Search for the cheapest gas near you

It’s even got a little Siri happening as you can use your voice to tell the app what you’re looking for or where you want to go. Additionally, you can download offline maps for in the event you lose cell coverage while driving. Best of all, it appears that Scout’s turn-by-turn navigation even works on the now 3 year old iPhone 3GS. Grab the app via the link or check out the promo videos for Scout below.

Scout by Telenav TeleNav, Inc., Scout by Telenav – Free

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Google: No plans “yet” for iOS 6 Maps app

There’s certainly plenty to like about iOS 6, but unfortunately, one of its most touted features – Apple’s own Maps app – has been a fairly huge disappoint for many users. From missing POIs to warped 3D maps, and at times questionable turn-by-turn instructions, it’s been ridiculed to no end. And just when you were hoping that Google would come save the day with their release of a standalone Google Maps app for iOS 6, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt confirmed earlier today that nothing is in the works at the moment. This according to Reuters:

“We have not done anything yet. We think it would have been better if [Apple] had kept ours. But what do I know? What were we going to do, force them not to change their mind? It’s their call.”

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iOS 6 is now available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Apple’s latest mobile operating system – iOS 6 – is finally available to the masses. Available either as a download over-the-air and directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (go to Settings –> General –> Software Update), or by plugging it into your computer and updating via iTunes, iOS 6 contains over 200 new features, including Apple’s all-new maps app, Passbook, an improved Siri and more. We previous posted about its most notable new additions, as well as a list of features that are/aren’t compatible with older iDevices. For the complete scoop on the latest OS, hit Apple’s iOS 6 page, or start updating your iPhone/iPad to see first hand all the new goodies that are included.

iPhone 5 rumoured to have 8 pin connector, enhanced Bluetooth 4.0 linking feature in iOS 6

Several days ago, Jeremy Horwitz of iLounge dropped some details surrounding the release of the next gen iPhone and other iDevices. Today, their sources have revealed 2 more pieces of info regarding the smaller dock connector and the improved bluetooth functionality that’ll be found in iOS 6.

It had been rumoured that the smaller dock connector would either have 16 or 19 pins, though according to these very sources, the new connector will in fact only feature 8 pins – a significant drop from the 30 pins found in the current dock connectors. Moreover, they could potentially be connected like a MagSafe, where the male-end of the connector can be inserted in either orientation. If you’ve ever tried plugging in a USB cable to your iPhone/iPad (while in the dark) for an overnight charge, this could be huge (for me anyway).

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Not all iOS 6 features compatible with older iDevices

So you’re probably excited about some of the new features of iOS 6, but did you know that not all are available to older iDevices? On the official iOS 6 landing page (the footnotes to more specific), Apple has listed which features require specific devices. For instance, FaceTime over 3G/4G will only work on the iPhone 4S and new iPad, and the highly anticipated Flyover and turn-by-turn GPS will be found only only the 4S and iPad 2/3. And sadly for iPad 2 owners, Siri will only be making its way to the latest (2012) iPad. Thankfully though for Facebook fantatics, FB integration doesn’t appear to have any limitations in regards to hardware. For the complete breakdown of which features/devices are supported in iOS 6, take a peek at the table below.

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iOS 6: All New Maps app, improved Siri, Passbook and more

Apple officially unveiled iOS 6 earlier today at the WWDC, calling it “The world’s most advanced mobile operating system”. Hardcore Android users and Google may beg to differ, but one thing’s for certain: iOS 6 will come loaded with over 200 new features, including an all-new Maps app, improved Phone functionality, a smarter and more capable Siri, and much much more. The next gen OS is set to drop this fall and will be compatible with the iPhone 3GS/4/4S, iPod Touch 4th gen, and iPad 2/3. Here are some of iOS 6’s more notable features:

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iPad Keyboard Prototype: Text editing on the iPad made easy

If you’ve ever tried editing text (repeatedly) on the iPad, it’s probably crossed your mind that there should be a more efficient method of moving the onscreen cursor and selecting the desired text. I know I have and it’s one of the primary reasons why I love using the Shift and arrow keys on the ZAGGfolio bluetooth keyboard. Well you can leave it to Youtube user danielchasehooper to provide a visual on how this could be implemented on iOS for the iPad. As shown in his prototype video, you drag one finger left/right to move the cursor (two fingers to move it faster), and hold shift while dragging to select the text. Perhaps Apple will provide similar functionality in iOS 6, but until WWDC next month (where Applecould very well announce the next iOS) we won’t know for certain if the virtual keyboard will receive any improvements and upgrades. But you can let Apple know that you wish to have this feature on the iPad. Here’s how:

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