Apple’s Find My iPhone Feature now Free

Aside from all the new features that will be coming with today’s release of iOS 4.2, Apple will also be making the Find My iPhone feature free for all the latest iDevices using the 4.2 update. Previously, Find My iPhone was only available to MobileMe subscribers, a service that costs $99 a year.

Find My iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch — the MobileMe feature that helps you locate your missing device and protect its data — is now free on any iPhone 4, iPad, or fourth-generation iPod touch running iOS 4.2. Once you set it up, you can find your lost device on a map, display a message on its screen, remotely set a passcode lock, and initiate a remote wipe to delete your data. And if you eventually find your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can restore everything from your last backup.

Once you’ve setup Find My iPhone your iDevice, you can either use Apple’s website or the Find My iPhone app to locate and enable different settings for your lost iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. For instructions on how to get started, check out the step-by-step instructions from Apple. Intro video can also be found after the gap.

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Apple Announces iOS 4.2 to be Available Today [Update: 4.2 Now Live]

After the much publicized delay of the anticipated arrival of the new OS, Apple has announced that iOS 4.2 will (finally) be made available for all today.

Apple® today announced that iOS 4.2, the latest version of the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, is available today for download for iPad™, iPhone® and iPod touch®. iOS 4.2 brings over 100 new features from iOS 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 to iPad including Multitasking, Folders, Unified Inbox, Game Center, AirPlay® and AirPrint.

“iOS 4.2 makes the iPad a completely new product, just in time for the holiday season,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Once again, the iPad with iOS 4.2 will define the target that other tablets will aspire to, but very few, if any, will ever be able to hit.”

Despite the announcement, iOS 4.2 isn’t currently available for the masses. In all likelihood, the update should come through at 10AM PST. For all you iPad users, get ready for multitasking and folders support! Check out the full Press Release after the gap.

Update: iOS 4.2.1 is now a available. Direct download links below.

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iOS 4.2 for iPad and iPhone Delayed Due to Wifi Issues?

The Web is abuzz with speculation that the anticipated Friday release of the much awaited update announced by Apple some months back has been delayed by at least a week due to Wifi connectivity issues experienced by testers of the Gold Master 4.2 build (supposedly the final version before the official release).

The equally controversial recent Mac OS X 10.6.5 software update also set the Web on fire amid rumors that the much-awaited AirPrint functionality was pulled out at the last minute. The update was indeed released without AirPrint functionality.

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iOS 4.2 – New features coming both for iPhone and iPad!

One of the major announcements of the Sept 1st event was, of course, iOS 4.2. The eventual update will finally unify the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad under a single version, bringing the lucky owners of the dream tablet into the world of folders, multi-tasking, Game Center and more. And guess what – the first beta has just been released and clever and inquisitive minds all over the Apple community, willing to risk the stability of their iDevices, have already installed it and have begun exploring the new possibilities. Features uncovered after the gap.

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