iPad iOS 3.2.1 scores 127/300 on HTML5 Test

While by no means exhaustive, the HTML5Test by Niels Leenheer, does a good job of showing off how well a browser tackles the web standard, HTML5. As you can see, the iPad has a ways to go, but among mobile devices, it – along with the entire iDevice family – is still on top, losing only marginally to the desktop version of Firefox. In many ways, this test mirrors the results of the Acid3 test, proving that Apple play better by web standards than their rivals. I could not test iOS 4’s Safari on my iPod touch because of a God-awful Wifi router, but I assume it to be equally as OKAY. Here are the results compared to various browsers run under OSX 10.6.4 with all the latest trimmings on a 2007 MacBook Pro.

Web Broswer: HTML5Test Score:
iPad Safari (iOS 3.2.1) 127
OSX Safari 5.01 208
OSX Chrome 5.0.375.125 197
OSX Firefox 3.6.8 139
OSX Opera 10.6.0 159

At Jeffrey Zeldman’s blog, controversy is starting over the inclusion of certain features in the test.