Hey Interpol, we know where Mobistar’s iPhones ended up!


The recent theft of about 4000 stinking new 3GS iPhones in Antwerp has been all over the news these past couple of weeks. If anyone still hasn’t heard about it, I’ll reiterate – a bunch of thieves cut through the wall of a warehouse in Antwerp and stole a shipment of officially unlocked iPhones meant for Mobistar which is estimated at more than $3 000 000.

The operator immediately announced that since they have the IMEI (unique serial number) of all of the phones in the shipment, they can block them from their network. Unfortunately, since the iPhones are all factory unlocked, it was just a matter of time until they were shipped out of the country and sold worldwide.

Well, here at TouchMyApps.com we’ll be the first to tell where a large portion of those phones ended up.

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