Instapaper adds iBooks-style page turns and more in 4.2 update

Instapaper, arguably the best read it later app on iOS (this despite the recent relaunch of the very capable Pocket), has been updated to v4.2 and adds even more substance to its already impressive list of features. The all-new “Fast Pagination Mode” improves upon the accuracy and page-turn speed thanks to the complete re-write of the old pagination code. And for those who love iBook’s page-turn animations, you’ll be happy to know that Instapaper now mimics the same effect when swiping from one page to the next (optional). Other new additions include a two finger swipe gesture to close an article, an “Auto” full screen mode and a draggable dot bar that replaces the old scoll bar in pagination mode. Instapaper is a universal app and free for existing users, otherwise, will cost $4.99. Full list of what’s new after the break.

Instapaper Marco Arment, Instapaper – $4.99

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Readability for iPhone and iPad now available

Readability, hands down the the best alternative to Instapaper’s read it later service, has finally made its way onto the iOS platform. First announced back in November of last year, Readability teamed up with the talented designers at Teehan+Lax to bring users a beautifully designed and easy to use iPhone and iPad app. For those not familiar, Readability is a great tool that lets you strip away all clutter from a webpage, leaving you with a center column of text – much like Safari’s Reader functionality. Of course, you can elect to save these pages for reading later – be it online or offline. And this is where the app comes into play; any webpage you send to Readability  via a web browser will sync with your iOS devices, so you can read those saved articled when you’re out and about. Even if you have already invested in Instapaper’s $4.99 app, Readability is definitely worth checking out. It’s now available to download for free on the App Store.

Readability™ Readability, Readability, – Free

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Readability Now Free, Coming soon to iPhones and iPads

Instapaper, arguably the most popular and well liked read it later service around, will soon be facing some serious competition on iOS. Readability announced via their blog today that not only are they finally offering their (basic) service for free, but that it’s also coming to iDevices:

With this release, Readability is available at no cost. Sign-up and you’ll have your own profile and reading list in no time. Both Readability accounts and our companion apps will always be completely free, but we also offer a premium experience for users who want additional features and an easy way to support their favorite writers and publishers.

Readability is on its way to the iTunes App Store. Our new apps for the iPhone and iPad are free and undeniably beautiful. We’ve partnered with the design wizards at Teehan+Lax to deliver a simple, elegant experience featuring exclusive typography from some of the best in type: Hoefler & Frere-Jones. There’s never been a better way to read the web on iOS. Readability for iOS is submitted and awaiting approval from Apple.

Readability strives to provide users with a seamless reading experience on the web. Like Instapaper, you can save articles for viewing at a later time, and similar to Safari’s Reader functionality, the Readability bookmarklet allows you to strip away all the excess found on a webpage and be left with only a column of text. The new free account allow you to view up to 30 of the most recent articles you’ve saved. Meanwhile, the Premium account will cost a minimum of $5 per month (works much like a donation system), where 70% of it will go towards the publishers you’ve chosen to consume on Readability.

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Instapaper 3.0 Update gets Social

Instapaper (TMA Review), the most popular “read it later” service on the web and for mobile devices (also an essential app on my iDevice), has received its biggest update ever. With Instapaper 3.0, you can now follow other Instapaper users and check out articles they’ve “liked”, or simply browse through Instapaper’s Editor’s Picks. Friends can be added via an email address, Facebook or Twitter. Other new features and improvements include:

  • “Star” is now called “Like” to clarify its purpose.
  • New storage engine with perfect image quality, faster downloads, faster page-opening, and less space usage.
  • Search all downloaded articles by title or content.
  • Native, offline sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinboard, and Evernote.
  • Smart rotation lock offers to disable rotation if a rotation seems accidental.

If you’re new to Instapaper, it really is a fantastic tool that lets you save articles you come across on the web for viewing later (and offline). Simply visit to get started and sign up for your free account. As with previous versions, Instapaper 3.0 is a universal app ($4.99) and the update is free for those who’ve already purchased it.

Instapaper Marco Arment, Instapaper (TMA Review), 7.4 MB – $4.99

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Friends Plus In Review – An *Almost* All In One Social Network App

With social networking now so heavily integrated into our lives, trying to keep up with all your accounts can be quite the daunting task. And with so many different apps out there for the various services, one can grow quite tiresome of exiting one and entering the other repeatedly throughout the day. Enter the folks from Taptivate with their social tool Friends Plus. Positioned as a one stop shop, Taptivate hopes to help simplify and streamline your social network experience.

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App Updates: Evernote, Instapaper and Dropbox

Three of the apps I rely on most on my iPhone and iPad have all been recently updated with new features and improvements. The biggest update goes to Instapaper (now v2.3), which is an indispensable app for those who wish to save articles on the web for later offline reading (see our review). On the iPhone, users will now see the first few lines of text from articles in each row (previously only available to the iPad). New to both iPhone and iPad, the list now shows the approximate article length and progress read with rows of dots, much like on the Kindle’s home screen. The other new feature is the ability to enable “dark mode” automatically based on where you are (the app is now location-aware). So depending on what time it is on your iDevice, the app will invert the color scheme of the background (black) and text (white).

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