imo chat app updated with new design, group photo sharing and iPhone 5 support

imo, the all-in-one chat app that has 700,000 daily users and an average of 50 million messages sent per day, has been updated to version 3.3 on iOS. Aside from the support for iPhone 5’s 16:9 screen, imo’s iPhone interface has been completely redesigned to give its users a more streamlined experience. Gone are the bottom taps, which have been replaced by a left/right swipe gestures that reveal both Profile & Settings (ala Facebook) and accounts for the various services you’ve set up.

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IM+ Pro now on sale for $0.99

IM+ Pro, one of the best instant messaging apps on the iDevice, is now on sale for $0.99 – down from its regular price of $9.99. This IM supports nearly all the major chat platforms, including MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, AIM and more. In addition, a recent update introduced Beep, a free alternative to SMS and MMS that lets you chat with contacts from your phone’s Address Book (similar to WhatsApp).

Introducing Beep: free mobile-to-mobile in-app messenger.
We figured you’ve been looking for a free alternative to SMS for a while now. And now we’ve got that right in IM+. Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and other mobile devices that your friends use IM+ on: Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.
Whenever you send and receive text messages, photos, video or voice messages, IM+ Beep will make sure that your message was successfully sent and notify you when it is safely delivered. Push will make incoming messages instantly pop up on your device.

And for all you Angry Birds fans, SHAPE Services even teamed up with Rovio to bring you an interactive Angry Birds theme (just think occasional flying birds and pigs in the background). If you’re after an All-in-One IM app for your iPhone/iPad, this is a fantastic deal at only a buck.

IM+ Pro SHAPE Services, IM+ Pro, – $0.99

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IM+ in Review – I’m available anywhere, to anyone and by any means


Hola folks! I’m just back from my refreshing vacation in a small town on the Mediterranean coast near wonderful Barcelona! During this trip I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to really touch a number of apps, games and even an iPhone related gadget! So with this review I’m starting a cycle of Spanish themed articles on the stuff I’ve had the chance to play around on my trip. So, torro!

My first victim will be the rather well-known IM client, IM+, by SHAPE Services. I’ve had the unique opportunity to try out their latest build (3.4) which is currently under review by Apple and features nothing less than voice recognition! Yep, you heard me, voice recognition. Truth be told, it is for a small addiional montly fee, but hey, there’s no such thing as a free lunch! But we’ll get more into that later. We’ll start off easy for now.

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BeejiveIM – Instant Messaging Anywhere in Review: Sweet Honey Goodness

beejiveim_review1 beejiveim_review2

I have been on the lookout for instant messaging applications ever since the AppStore came out in July. Instantly messaging has become a necessity for many people around the world including myself. After being disappointed by many IM apps because of their lack of features and/or instability, I finally tried out BeejiveIM.

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Quick hit on BeejiveIM 2.0- The Best gets even Better

beejive1BeejiveIM is still one of the best app purchases I have made at the App Store for my iPhone 3G (when the app was first released). Sure at $15.99, the price tag alone will scare loads of people off.  But having read so many great reviews, I took the plunge and haven’t regretted it one bit.  After comparing it with other IM apps I had also tried (free and paid), I realized nothing even comes close to the feature set and performance of BeejiveIM. Well today, the best just got better. Tagging it with version 2.0, Beejive included some great new features, including sending and receiving voice notes.

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