I Dig It: Expeditions in Review – Can you Dig It? I can’t…

I’ve had a really hard time giving I Dig It: Expeditions a fair shake because I just can’t get into it. The game has traces of Boulderdash and Lode Runner, but really isn’t comparable to either. In fact, I’m not really sure how to classify the game. What I do know is that the pace is a bit slow for me, and I spent way too much time doing nothing more than going back and forth between the surface and the last place I dug. There just wasn’t enough here to capture my attention for any appreciable length of time.

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Dungeon Defense: Crypt Edition in Review – Tower Defense: The Undead Way

dungeondefense1Tower Defense has just gotten a very promising upgrade in the form of InMotion Software’s Dungeon Defense:Crypt Edition. This Tower Defense game has come out of seemingly nowhere. The graphically excellent game has a lot of TD fans excited with good reason but can it compete with the “big boys”  like Field Runners and the even newer ElementalMonster TD?

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Five for Fighting – Rockman, TDs and more!

fiveforfighting2Gaming on the iPhone/iPod Touch just keeps getting better and better. Developers have been giving us more new apps than we can possibly handle (at least all at once). The past two days, we’ve even seen some of the hottest old school games from back in the day make their way onto the iDevice: Mega Man II and Wolfenstein 3D Classic. Those who loved these two classic titles will undoubtedly get a kick re-living those memories once again while on-the-go.

TD lovers will be happy to know that ElementalMonster TD and Dungeon Defense bring some new elements and twists to the genre. In ElementalMonster, trading cards are now incorporated into the game and Dungeon Defense invites you to the dark side as you take control of the undead. Last but not least, THQ brings WWE Legends of WrestleMania to the small screen, where 10 WWE legends and a career mode await you. Be sure to check out gameplay videos after the break!

Dungeon Defense – InMotion Software, $2.99
ElementalMonster TD – Hudson, $0.99 (Sale price until March 30th)
WWE Legends of WrestleMania – THQ Wireless, $9.99
Wolfenstein 3D Classic – id Software, $4.99
Mega Man II – Capcom, $4.99

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